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Willow Smith, 11, Shows Off New Tongue Piercing — Too Young?

Mon, June 25, 2012 2:50pm EDT by 23 Comments
Willow Smith Tongue Piercing

Willow has posted a new and startling pic of her new tongue stud! HollyMoms, would YOU let your 11-year-old get a tongue piercing? We asked a dentist for his expert opinion!

Willow Smith is known for her outrageous fashion sense, and now she’s taken it a step further with this new pic of herself and her fellow pierced friend on Instagram.

In California, Willow would need her parents’ permission to get a piercing. So either Will and Jada Smith were all on board or she just has a really good-looking fake!

If the stud was real, what risks come with a tongue piercing? We asked New York City dentist Dr. Poiman to list the risks involved:

1. It could create chemical trauma in the front of the teeth
2. Tongue infections
3. Because of the ring, it could develop allergies in the mouth
4. Sometimes the ring can cause sensitivity, and make the teeth break

Dr. Poiman also told exclusively that it is more dangerous for younger children to get their tongues pierced because “younger children or teenagers are more prone to trauma since they are not as worried about hygiene.”

He added he would definitely not allow his 11-year-old to get their tongue pierced.

EDIT: No worries for Will and Jada — Willow later admitted the stud was just a prank: “It’s fake… Sorry,” she added to the Instagram photo.

HollyMoms, vote below! Even though it’s not real, would YOU let your 11-year-old get a tongue piercing?

— written by Lorraine Chow, reporting by Leigh Kozlow

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