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'Sister Wives' Teens Reveal: We Don't Want To Be Polygamists — Hooray

Mon, June 25, 2012 7:04pm EDT by Bonnie Fuller 19 Comments
Sister Wives Kody Brown Children

Don’t read this Kody Brown. You and your four sister wives will be disappointed that despite your example, most of your teens including oldest sons Logan and Hunter have no intention of being polygamists too.

I have to hand it to Kody Brown and his four sister wives. Despite their devotion to a polygamous marriage and lifestyle, they don’t want to try and force their 17 children into plural marriages like theirs.

“They have to make their own decisions,” explains Kody. “but I have to push them the way I think “, he said in the latest episode of Sister Wives on June 24.

Well, that’s good because Kody’s teens clearly love their gigantic family, four moms and their dad and if any of their parents tried to force polygamy down their throats, that would only alienate Logan, 18, Hunter, 15, Madison, 16, Aspyn, 17, and Mariah, 17.

“From my point of view I had a great childhood and polygamy can be good… but I have no spiritual testimony of it or logical explanation to do it,” admitted oldest son Logan with wife #2 Janelle, on the Sister Wives Tell-All special last night, June 24.

Hunter, second oldest son of Janelle, meanwhile, flat out announced that “I don’t plan on having more than one wife — there’s too much drama.”

Madison, Janelle’s older daughter, also is firmly against polygamy for herself. “You have to be cut out for this life-style and I’m very opinionated. My husband is going to have a lot to handle, just with me,” she laughed.

Only first wife Meri‘s daughter, Mariah, is looking forward to becoming a sister wife. “I love how my mom and dad work together – they’re good friends,” she explains, acknowledging that there is definitely jealousy between sister wives. “It’s something I’ll have to deal with,” she acknowledged.

Kody, Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn, shouldn’t take their kids disinterest too hard, though. Their teenagers are impressively good kids: loving, concerned about their siblings, helpful with their younger siblings and remarkably normal and well-adjusted, despite the fact that they are often viewed as curiosities by their peers.

The Brown teenagers laughingly revealed that they were called “The Cullens” by schoolmates in Las Vegas when they first arrived at their new school after they moved from Utah, because they stuck together until they had adjusted to their new situation.

Somehow, despite having 17 children to parent, Kody, along with his four wives, has done an admirable job of raising responsible, caring young adults.

Logan takes his role as the oldest brother seriously. “Some of my siblings and my mothers, really want me to be around as the older brother figure,” he explains, while discussing his college options.

And they do. His siblings actually beg him to go to college in Las Vegas, at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Madison plaintively insists: “My life will end without him (Logan). He’s my best friend.”

As a parent you can’t hope for anything more than that — that your children love each other so much that they consider each other best friends and that they love their family.

Kody may not be raising a new generation of polygamists but he encouraged Logan to go to college in the more diverse environment of Las Vegas, rather than Utah — and he got what he wanted.

Logan, after wrestling with a tough decision about college , ultimately decided to stay close to home and family  and WILL attend university in diverse Vegas.

So even if he turns his back on polygamy, Logan and his teen siblings will never turn their backs on their unusual but very loving family.

Kody, Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn — you should be beaming with pride! What do you think Hollymoms and Hollywoodlifers – are the Browns good parents?

Bonnie Fuller

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