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'Bachelorette' Recap: Emily Maynard's Shocking Elimination

Mon, June 25, 2012 11:18pm EDT by 7 Comments

Plus, one guy dropped the ‘L’ bomb and another one begged Emily to keep him around. Read on for more details about the June 25th dramatic episode!

Whoa! Emily Maynard definitely gave us a run for our money. Dare to read on ONLY if you’ve seen the episode!

After rumors surfaced that the much-lovable Arie Luyendyk jr. was hiding a past relationship with ABC producer Cassie Lambert we were sure he was going home on June 25. But to our dismay, Emily had a different plan in mind.

The June 25 episode opened up with Chris Harrison addressing Arie’s past with Cassie. Apparently, the ABC producer was the one who approached Emily first and told her that they dated about 10 years ago. Em was initially furious because she thought if he hasn’t told her this yet — what else was he hiding?

“Like if he’s OK with hiding that he knows you, much as long dated you, what the f**k is he hiding?” Emily said to Cassie.

Emily and Arie went on a date where she totally grilled him.

“Do you think you’re trustworthy?,” Emily asked.

“Yes, I think I’m very trustworthy,” Arie responded.

“I like having no secrets,” Emily said.

“You have to be honest. You have to be almost too honest,” Arie said.

Then Arie broke down and told Em that he had a secret to tell her, but it wasn’t the one she was hoping to hear. The race car driver revealed to Em that he once had his ex-girlfriend’s name tattooed to his body. Uh, weird?!

At this moment, Chris H. went on to reveal that Emily, Cassie and Arie got together to have a talk off camera where they worked ultimately things out.

Back to Prague — and Emily and Arie were all butterflies and rainbows as they canoodled on a boat. Then Arie dropped the “L” bomb.

“I love you,” he told her. Yikes!!

One-on-one date: John and Emily’s Day Date

Emily chose John for her next one-on-one date where they ventured around Prague and stumbled upon John Lennon‘s Peace Wall, but it didn’t take long on Emily’s date for her to realize that there was some chemistry missing from their relationship.

Emily brought it up to John and he went on to tell her that he’s been really hurt in the past. His ex-girlfriend cheated on him one week after their one-year anniversary. So sad!

However, when Emily and John arrived home from their date, Sean Lowe went crazy.

The professional fitness trainer began running down the streets of Prague yelling “Emily.” Finally, he found her.

“Words can’t describe how good it feels to have Emily in my arms,” Sean said, after passionately making out with her on the street.

All too bizarre and it was definitely surprising that Emily wasn’t freaked out by that!

Group Date: A horse and carriage ride… home?

Emily took Sean, Doug and Chris in a horse and carriage ride up to a castle that was built in the 13th century — but it didn’t take long for their fairytale to turn sour. Emily could definitely tell something was up with Doug and she felt like it needed to be addressed right away.

“I fought for you because I couldn’t say goodbye to you yet, but I don’t feel like you’re fighting for me,” Emily said. She went on to tell him that she had to send him home because it wasn’t fair to keep him from his son any loger.

Doug cried in the car — and I must say I felt pretty bad for the guy!

One-on-one Date: Jef Pulls Emily’s Heart Strings

This must have been the cutest date in Bachelorette history. Emily and Jef Holm spent the day roaming around Prague where they made their way into a marionette store. Jef– being the creative cutie he is — used to the puppets as a gateway to share his feelings with Em.

“This whole thing, I am one hundred, one million, percent in love with you and I can’t imagine what I’d do without you,” Jef told Emily.

The two put on a show about how they first acted really nervous around each other and then went on to talk about marriage and kids. Say what?! It definitely seems like Jef is ready to take the plunge with Em!

Then they romantically kissed and cuddled on the floor in a library. It was so cute.

If Emily doesn’t pick Jef, he will inevitably be the most eligible bachelor in the world.

Rose Ceremony

Like Jef said, “there are two guys on the hot seat: Chris and John.”

With five guys left, one will be sent home, and Emily said she already had made up her mind and that they didn’t have to have a cocktail party.

“I feel like I have my mind made up,” Emily said to Chris Harrison.

“We’re going to go straight into the rose ceremony,” Chris H. told the boys.

Chris B. from Chicago of course thinks he’s getting the boot because of how ungrateful he acted on the group date when he didn’t get a rose.

Jef and Arie received the first two roses and just as Emily was about to hand out the last one, Chris interrupted. Totally not cool for John!

“I really believe in me and you and I’m not ready for this to end,” Chris said.

Emily ultimately ended up giving the rose to Chris.

Yikes! But looks like it’s going to be a tear-fest during hometown dates next week. It will definitely be interesting to see Emily visit Sean, Jef, Chris and Arie’s families!

Were you shocked that Arie wasn’t sent home? Weigh in below.

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