Kris Humphries Hopes To Play With The Nets After Brooklyn Move

Sun, June 24, 2012 4:56pm EST by 8 Comments
Kris Humphries Wants To Stay With The Nets

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Hump Lover

Posted at 6:19 PM on July 4, 2012  

I really hope that Hump comes back to the Nets even though his chances are looking pretty grim. He’s one of my favorite bball players. very entertaining to watch, great rebounder, chases every ball, block shots, plays alley hoop well and was getting more consistent with his jump shot as well as free throws. He seem to get along well with his team mates except Deron Williams and though he sometime have lapses in concentration and turns the ball over I would sure miss him playing on the Nets if he leaves. Wherever he goes I am sure he will do well.

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Posted at 4:07 AM on June 25, 2012  

@RAY everything your saying kris has done_
1.he does not talk to the media about his personal life at interviews he only speaks about bball…he does NOT have control as to what the media writes about him or anyone.
2.He did say that his team had his back 100% and that it was them against the booing.
3.His team mates respect him because unlike the Rubbish you people read and then thinking that you know him-THEY ACTUALLY KNOW HIM.
4.IF Kris doesn’t come back to the Nets best believe he will be on a GOOD team at least_he gave it 100% on the court,played with heart, and fought for his team.he is a good guy and basketball player he will be welcomed where ever he goes

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Posted at 9:03 PM on June 24, 2012  

@extra-extra, glad someone has a clue…KRIS has been a consistent high scorer he is a true NBA player for sure…unlike LAMAR,who took the money and acted like a 2yr.old ,terrible way to treet mavericks and dallas fans..unbelievable how blind some folks are…TEAM HUMPHRIES

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Posted at 7:09 PM on June 24, 2012  

He should have really thought about that before he lied to everyone. He did this all for the sake of money. If he had signed the divorce papers he would have been in such a great position. He got in his own way. I definitely agree with Ray because all you heard about was Kris and Kim. It really wasn’t fair to the players and the team. Like I said previously, Kris might have ruined his chances with any decent team because of all the drama that comes with him. He not only had a problem with Kim but he seemed to have a problem with Myla as well. I think this is a pattern for Kris and will hurt any team that he’s with. I wonder if he thinks it was worth it.

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Posted at 6:54 PM on June 24, 2012  

I am worried about him playing for the Brooklyn Nets. Brooklyn do not want the drama with him and his army of women. Brooklyn wants to support the whole team (all the players, mgmt etc). We do not want Brooklyn’s name in the headlines dominated by Kris Humphries negativity. What would the legacy of the team’s history in Brooklyn look like if it starts of with Kris’s nonsense. He needs to think about his teamates and show respect because I am sure the boos affected them too. No boos in Brooklyn please.

He needs to keep his personal life out of the media (like his teamates do) and keep his mouth shut, except for basketball news. We would like to hear a lot more about the other players such as Marshon Brooks. My God, Kris alone took up all the news for the team for all of 2011-2012. If Kris does come to Brooklyn we would welcome him, but it would be wise of him to stay PROFESSIONAL, or we will send him packing.

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Hump Lover

Posted at 7:12 PM on July 4, 2012  

2Ray. You are way off regarding Kris Humphries. He never talks about his personal life to the press. He brushes off the booes and says that it motivates him. If you only heard about Kris on the team, it is because he was the next best player outside of Deron Williams before the nets acquired Green and Wallace. He was often the top scorer or rebounder on the score sheet. In fact the team had a better road record than home record so the boos did not affect them negatively as he was not booed at home. So please get your facts straight before talking nonsense about Kris as he has been through enough already.

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Posted at 5:42 PM on June 24, 2012  

He didn’t rise to fame for playing with the Nets. He rose to fame for being married to Kim Kardashian. And there’s no way he can play for the US Olympic team. He dooeamt have the stats. Mayb as a Nets player n itself but not on the US Olympic team. Can u imagine him running out on the court and getting booed. That would not b good for the US.

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Extra Extra

Posted at 5:38 PM on June 24, 2012  

Wherever he plays he will dominate! a true NBA player

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