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'Teen Wolf' Mystery: Is Lydia Really The Evil Kanima?

Fri, June 22, 2012 5:43pm EDT by Andy Swift 25 Comments
Teen Wolf Kanima

Who do YOU think the Kanima really is? Read my theories and share your own!

Last week, we learned the name of the lizard creature that’s been terrorizing Beacon Hills — Kanima! Spooky! — and on the June 25 episode of Teen Wolf, the baddie’s true identity will finally be revealed! According to MTV, Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) is “convinced” it’s Lydia (Holland Roden), but as always, I’ve got my own theories to share.

Here’s a rundown of my potential Kanimas:

Jackson: First of all, we know he’s got some sort of super strength because trucks are super heavy in real life, but Jackson (Colton Haynes) lifted his out of the mud like it was NBD. Also, now that we’ve learned his little home video was tampered with, there’s no telling what he really did the night of the full moon!

Lydia: Her crazy visions aside, Lydia woke up one morning covered in blood, with a broken mirror on her nightstand. Remember when the Kanima got confused by its own reflection at the pool? Exactly. Plus, Stiles said he recognized the creature’s eyes — and we all know how he feels about Lydia.

Matt: The Kanima may not like its own reflection, but with his camera in hand, Matt (Stephen Lunsford) is more interested in capturing other people’s reflections. We don’t know very much about him, other than his shadiness, so anything remains possible for this guy.

Allison’s Grandpa: If you thought Matt was a stretch, just wait until you hear this theory. You know those pills Grandpa Argent is always popping? Could they be designed to suppress his inner Kanima? If so, he should probably up his dosage.

Mr. Harris: Stiles’ chemistry teacher gives me the creeps. And you’ve got to admit, he looks pretty reptilian. That is all.

Scott’s boss: No real theory here. I just accuse him of being everything. I also think he’s working with “A” on Pretty Little Liars.

OK, Teen Wolf fans, who do YOU think the Kanima really is? Is Derek right, or is Lydia too obvious? Cast your vote below, then drop a comment with your best theories!

— Andy Swift