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Surgeons Remove Unborn Baby's Deadly Tumor While In Womb & Save Life

Fri, June 22, 2012 11:19am EDT by 1 Comment
Surgeons Save Life Of Baby In Womb

A pioneering procedure has saved the life of little Leyna Gonzales after an ultrasound revealed that the then 17-week-old fetus had a tumor the size of a matchbox!

Surgeons saved the life of baby Leyna Gonzalez before she was even born by lasering off a large and deadly tumor from her mouth while she was still in the womb!

According to a Daily Mail report, doctors at the University of Miami Jackson Memorial Hospital in Florida operated on pregnant Tammy Gonzalez while she was still awake. The surgeons carefully detached the mass with a laser.

“I could see it floating down,” the 39-year old said at a press conference yesterday on June 21. “It was like this huge weight had been lifted off. It just floated away and I could finally see her face.”

Leyna had an oral teratoma, a large tumor growing from her mouth. It’s a condition that only affects one in 100,000 pregnancies. If doctors hadn’t removed the mass, there was little chance she would survive birth. If she did, it would require an immediate tracheotomy to breathe and she would have many surgeries after. The mother was told she should consider an abortion. However, the mother decided to pursue with this life-saving operation.

The operation was in May 2010 but the story was embargoed until it could be published in the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynaecology.

Leyna is now an energetic 20-month-old toddler — completely oblivious to the procedure that saved her life!

— Lorraine Chow

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