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'90210' Season 5: Jessica Stroup Says Teddy Will Be Back — But Will Dixon?

Thu, June 21, 2012 4:11pm EDT by Andy Swift 58 Comments
90210 Season 5 Spoilers

Jessica gives the scoop on all things season five — including who SHE thinks Silver should be with!

Jessica Stroup is a busy girl these days. Along with promoting her upcoming movie Ted — she hints that her character has an underlying crush on the titular bear — she’s also embarking on a new partnership with AXE Hair. But her hectic schedule pales in comparison to the whirlwind life of her 90210 persona Silver, and Jessica was happy to give the scoop on what’s to come in season five.

Which guy will she choose? How will getting pregnant change her life? And which former 90210-er does she want back? Read on, my friends.

What was your reaction when you found out Teddy was coming back to knock up Silver?

I didn’t even know for a long time. They didn’t tell us. I guess the producers and the showrunners don’t trust us to keep stories out of the press. They wouldn’t tell me who it was going to be, but when they did, I was thrilled. [Trevor Donovan is] one of the coolest guys I’ve gotten to work with, so the fact that he’s coming back next year is really exciting. I’m happy about that.

And can you tell me about those on-set pictures of you with the fake baby belly that leaked online? Were you aware that happened?

[Laughs.] Yeah, but I wasn’t wearing a fake baby belly! Let me tell you, I was wearing a skirt as a dress and it pooched out in the stomach. These freakin’ pictures, everybody was like, ‘[Silver’s] pregnant!’ But no, it was just a bad skirt. And the wind.

So, you weren’t trying to throw people off?

Nope. Just a really bad wind day.

Baby aside, Silver gets a lot of flack from viewers for sort of “making the rounds” in the group. Is it unfair to judge her for that?

Silver has taken the rounds. I think when you’ve got a group of friends — and this happens in high schools and in groups of friends everywhere — it becomes a little incestuous, because you all love each other so much. So I don’t know if I judge her. You love who you love, you fall for who you fall for, and you enjoy life as much as you can. I think that’s exactly what Silver is doing. And that’s what she she’s definitely going to be doing next year. She’ll be acting out and trying to live life.

How much have they told you about season five?

I don’t know any specifics at all, really. I know Teddy is going to be back and we’re going to pick up right where we left off. It’s going to be a direct cut, kind of thing.

So the Navid/Liam debate will continue, or is she done with those boys?

She’s never done with those boys. I’ve got a preference as myself, but I’m not going to tell you. I think they’re going to try to work out the Silver/Navid situation, because I think the fans really like Silver with Navid.

Plus, they really want Liam with Annie. ‘Lannie’ fans are determined.

They are! I had no idea. I think Silver should get back with Dixon. That’s my choice.

Ah, so he lives?

…I didn’t say that.

[NOTE: We’ve heard from a very reliable source — not Jessica — that Dixon does, in fact, survive his car crash.]

Well, regardless of whether or not he lives, how do you think his accident will affect Silver?

I think right now is when she sees life is short. She lost her mother, she lost her aunt, and now that her friend is possibly going to die, all of her energy is focused on living as much as she can right now. … It’s going to bring her closer to everybody.

90210 has lost quite a few characters over the years — sometimes suddenly. Who would you love to have back on the show?

I would love to see Ethan again. I would love to see Dustin Milligan from the first season, who’s a great friend still. That was the most shocking, the most abrupt ending. His character was so important to us that we all, as a cast, tried to convince the writers to figure out a way to bring him back. That would be my choice.

Lastly, since you are partnered with AXE Hair, which of your male cast mates has the best hair?

I’m going to have to say Michael Steger. He’s had long hair, he’s cut it short. He just has a big, thick head of hair and it looks good on that face. … Matt Lanter‘s got a pretty face, but his hair could be better.

What’s your take on all this new info., 90210 fans? Do you agree Michael Steger has the best hair? Are you thrilled Teddy will be back for season five? And do you support the idea of Silver returning to Dixon — you know, if he survives? Drop a comment with your thoughts and theories!

— Andy Swift