Rihanna Needs To Stop Toying With Chris Brown & Drake's Emotions

Mon, June 18, 2012 6:00pm EST by 10 Comments
Rihanna Chris Brown Drake Drama

Rihanna – it’s time to make up your mind, you, nor any woman, can ploy two men against each other for long. It’s not cool – it’s cruel!

Rihanna’s love is fickle.  One day she is standing by her man Drake, while the next she is sending flirty tweets to Chris Brown.  No wonder the men have such animosity for each other which cumulated into a horrible brawl last week, at the NYC club, WIP leaving innocent club-goers injured.

Rihanna, in your life you may be able to have it all, however when it comes to a boyfriend, you have to choose.

Although both men are superstars, beneath the hype, they are young guys with fragile egos. No one wants to be played for a fool. You cannot play two ends from the middle.

There will be a consequence.

The consequence was a brawl that should never have happened. Not one party in this dysfunctional love triangle is without blame.

However, we can only control our own actions. If f Rihanna wants to have a drama free life, she needs to cut contact with Chris Brown who currently has a serious girlfriend, Karreuche Tran. The pop star has the opportunity to have a healthy relationship with Drake but only if she  finally says good-bye to Chris for good.

Diana Falzone

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Posted at 4:36 AM on July 3, 2012  


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Posted at 3:05 PM on June 20, 2012  

You are honestly going to try and blame someone who wasn’t even there for that barbaric behaviour. As if Chris and Drake are not two fully grown mature men with overblown egos, who can control their own impulses. Maybe Chri should concentrate on his new full-time girlfriend and let Rihanna go.Maybe Drake should have enough self-respect to walk away from an explosive situation. Maybe HL reporters should report facts as they are, not as they want them to be.

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Posted at 4:33 AM on June 20, 2012  

She needs to realize that she is making herself look like an extremely “loose” woman. Remember, men can sleep around and no one calls them on it. But women, women are called hoe’s after the third, fourth or fifth guy!!!

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Posted at 11:36 PM on June 20, 2012  

Which is utter BULL!!! Its her P**** why y’all so interested in who she sleeps with?!!!

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Posted at 3:26 PM on June 19, 2012  

Maybe you should stop believing every tabloid under the sun. Both Chris and Drake have denied being involved with Rihanna since 2009 and vice versa. They are her FRIENDS (yes, exes can be friends) And the bar fight was NOT over Rihanna. Seeing that Chris has a serious girlfriend and both Drake and Rihanna are single, why in the hell would they fight over her? The love triangle is all in your head. Besides grown men cannot be toyed with unless they allow themselves to be. Put it to rest Bonnie.

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Posted at 8:40 AM on June 19, 2012  

rihanna and chris love each other but they need to mature and stop playing these stupid games!

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gillian t

Posted at 9:50 PM on June 18, 2012  

In the last few days Chris fueled rumors when he appeared on BET and said that he likes a verse from the birthday cake song, he spends time at 40/40 consoling Rihanna and then gets upset and walks away from a bar fight the minute Rihanna is mentioned – sure sound like he has feelings for Rihanna . It seems due to the media and public percepetion he and Rihanna cant be together openly and thats a shame because its obvious that they both love each other. did anybody realise that suddenly Rihanna is tweeting a lot of motivational stuff . Besides she does have a sick family member at home so this sort of unnecessary drama is not helping her i’m sure. Chris seems to be a nice person who honestly wants Rihanna and i think Rihanna also wants him.

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Posted at 9:23 PM on June 18, 2012  

Umm when guys do this to girls – they boast about it and call them their hoes. When girls do this they seem to be held up to higher moral standards . Where is the equality in this. Lets talk about society having the same morals for boys and girls.

Your advice is totally DUMB . OK Drake is footloose and fancy free so he can or can not be attached to Riri however if Chris has a “serious girlfriend” then WHY is he over-reacting to everything said about Riri . Why be involved in HER life, its not like someone is forcing him to be emotionally attached. It seems like his body is with Karrueche but his mind and soul seem to be with Riri. AND by the same token even Riri does not seem like she is attached to anyone but Chris.
Actually one can only feel sad for these 2 people appear to have genuine feeling for each other although they may / may not be with othere however there seem to be so many situations and people standing in their way stopping them from being a couple in the open. Situations like Chris’s probation and image, Riri’s management team and image and relationship with Roc nation, the message they will send to domestic violence victims etc etc.
In my humble opinion these 2 people love each other and should be allowed the opportunity to publicly be a couple without the media and public judging them .
I have never liked Riri too much but i understand that you get this sort of love once in a life time and its very difficult to let it go so i respect her and Chris (especially Chris) for how they try to forge a life together and the challenge of trying to do it.

Blessings .

P.s : I dont mean bad for Karrueche as she is a wonderful person.

Peace and Blessings

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Posted at 8:34 PM on June 18, 2012  

yall is ridiclously for this Rumor thing. and Rihanna isn’t follwing Chris Brown @ all. and she have nothing to do with Drake either Chris Brown. she just handleing her own business.

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Posted at 4:47 AM on June 19, 2012  

What are you talking about, Ri has been seeing CB…

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