Chris Brown: How I'm Moving On After Violent Drake Fight

Sat, June 16, 2012 10:02am EDT by 8 Comments
Chris Brown Fight

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Posted at 12:14 PM on June 21, 2012  


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Posted at 3:03 PM on June 17, 2012  

Oh puhleeeease! Chris Brown’s publicist is just tryna make sure he gets as much “Im Non-Violent and IM the victim” pity squeezed outta this for his next album.There draining the f-ing situation till its like WTF.Read this title : Chris Brown: How I’m Moving On After Violent Drake Fight….Oh my society is like a freaking puppet

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David P.

Posted at 3:30 AM on June 17, 2012  

CD4A ( supports Hollywood Life. ….You guys rock.

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harry jones

Posted at 5:42 PM on June 16, 2012  

Not much a fight,,,,,,,,,,,some sissies throiwing bottle and chimping it up like girls……….

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Posted at 8:03 PM on June 16, 2012  

Agreed! Men throw punches. P_ssies throw bottles!

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Posted at 10:49 AM on June 16, 2012  

Damn dat was scary!!!! You joking right?

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Posted at 10:46 AM on June 16, 2012  

This young man is an unfortunate example of some of today’s misguided youth. He has been misinformed about just how much he can get away with. That because he is a celebrity he is not subject to the same rules as everyone else is.I take it from the appearance of your web-site ( the type of stories, layout, colour-scheme etc) it is geared at a predominently youthful (read teenage)audience. If that is the case then you need to report this matter more responsibly.Start by removing that ‘Team Chris’ ‘Team Drake’ poll. This is not Twighlight Newmoon, it is real life.

You owe it to your readership to INFORM them that Chris Brown is not going to be ‘moving on’ from anything any time soon.That he is currently on 5 years probation for a previous misdemenour and if found liable in this brawl, he could face possible jail time. INFORM them that either Chris, Drake or both of them could be sued in a court of law by the innocent people who were injured in that fight. INFORM them that the club’s manager has been arrested on outstanding warrants and that the business could face possible closure, leading to the loss of employment of its employees.Tell them the truth so that we have to deal with fewer people who believe they are above the law.Or better yet stop glorifying it and don’t report on it so much, It shouldn’t be one of Saturday’s leading headlines.Bury it in the back somewhere obscure.Protect ours.INFORM them.

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Posted at 3:05 PM on June 16, 2012  

They already said Chris and the other bystanders that was hurt is the victims sooooooo Shut Up! He did nothing, Drake and his crew did it all so Drake’s name will be n the legal documents not Chris’s…

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