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Florida Man Files Restraining Order On Kardashians, Claims They Tried To Assassinate Him

Fri, June 15, 2012 9:12pm EDT by Billy Nilles 19 Comments
Kardashian Restraining Order

A Florida man is filing for a restraining order against a majority of the Kardashian family, with allegations that include mentions of brass knuckles and warnings issued in a Schwarzenegger voice. Is this for real?

A man in Florida has requested that the court grant him a temporary restraining order, twice, against the Kardashians and you will never believe what he’s claiming they did to him.

Radar reports that Gino Romano filed on June 14, claiming that on June 10, 2012, Kim Kardashian, sisters Kourtney and Khloé, and mom Kris Jenner assaulted him while at Busch Gardens. In his bizarre plea, he claims that “Khloé Kardashian put me in a head lock and Kourtney Kardashian stuck her heel in my eye and Kim Kardashian put brass knuckles on and punched me in the teeth, Kris Kardashian [Jenner] pulled out mace and sprayed me while Kim Kardashian pick pocketed my Levi’s and stole my wallet.”

Gino claims he filed a police report because he his afraid for his safety, continuing “”I was forced to bed confined [sic] because my head is injured from Kardashian assassination attempt against me, but I know they are coming back, because Kim Kardashian told me this in Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s voice.”

The judge threw out Gino’s request, but the man wasn’t done with his insane allegations. He filed another set of paperwork, claiming he was assaulted by them a second time, a day later, on June 11, at Walt Disney World. This second request claims that Gino faces “imminent danger and bodily harm” from the family.

Radar reports that the second document is filled with even more out-there claims, like Kourtney tasered Gino, Kim whispered ‘…gonna get you sucker,’ and Khloe was dressed as a sumo wrestler and slammed him into the curb.

Not surprisingly, Gino can’t come up with any witnesses for either of his claims.

What do you think, HollywoodLifers? Can YOU believe all this insanity?