NY Mom Naked & On Bath Salts Attacks Son, 3, Then Tasered To Death

Thu, June 14, 2012 2:12pm EST by 11 Comments
Bath Salts Mom

A mother high on bath salts was seen running naked towards her frightened 3-year-old son, beating and choking him.

Pamela McCarthy of Munnsville, New York was allegedly high on bath salts when she was spotted running naked through the streets to her startled child, who was clinging to his father Jason Williams in fear.

The shocking report from Daily Mail says witnesses called the police on June 12 to report that the mother was punching and choking her son, attacking neighbors and strangling one of her dogs.

Police arrived on the scene to see the deranged 35-year-old mother growling and trying to bite people. She was subdued with a Taser, suffered cardiac arrest, and later died in the hospital.

Officers said Pamela was “violently combative” and apparently under the influence of the drug.

Police tried to arrest her but she resisted. They used pepper spray to no effect so they had to use a Taser to handcuff her. After she was taken into custody, she had a heart attack. She was taken to hospital but later died.

Her boyfriend and father of her child, Jason, said that Pamela had a history of drug abuse.

It’s another bizarre and horrific case of bath salt users, the most notable case of the Miami cannibal who ate another man’s face.

The boy was taken by ambulance to Upstate University Hospital in Syracuse and was treated for minor injuries.

Watch the report below:

– Lorraine Chow

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Maya L.

Posted at 6:29 PM on October 21, 2012  

Is it just me or does the father seem like a tweeker? Then he has the nerve to say that he told his child’s mother to get help for her habit. Seriously? This bath salt thing is pretty suspect. I have yet to come across a story that actually confirms the use of bath salts by the attacker. To the media, please stop making up stories to entertain the public. It’s not cool. Also… question: Mike Tyson bit the ear off of Holyfield. Was Mike using bath salts too? Just wondering. Lol.

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Posted at 3:27 PM on July 6, 2012  

too bad they don’t react like this to all the thugs committing crimes in ny

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Posted at 5:38 AM on June 17, 2012  

Does anyone else see the same lie as the last 2 “bath salt abuse cases” all I can say is try to stay safe sleep with a gun if you can

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Raymond Torres

Posted at 2:00 PM on June 16, 2012  

this woman was out of her mind

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Posted at 4:14 AM on June 15, 2012  

What the hell police could not arrest a naked woman biting people and tased her to death . Laughable.

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Posted at 7:08 PM on August 18, 2013  

The woman was high on bath salts. It is known to give you superhuman strength. The same strength exhibited in mentally retarded people.

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Posted at 7:51 PM on June 14, 2012  

Glad she’s dead. She didn’t need to be on earth anymore

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Posted at 10:26 PM on June 14, 2012  

i agree, i mean who does this to your child. Yet everyone complains about things being illegal now bath salts will probably end up being illegal. even though i was never a fan of them, some people might enjoy using them for their rightful purpose. This poor child should be put with someone else, the dad look pathetic too. Why would he leave the child wih her if she was an alleged drug user. sad sad sad.

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Posted at 8:26 AM on June 15, 2012  

Bath Salts are just what they are called they are not the same as EPSON SALT SOAKS which we know as “BATH SALTS” You could snort epson salts till the cows come home, at most you will make yourself sick and possibly get a bloody nose..

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Posted at 8:58 AM on June 16, 2012  

bath salt is the name of the drug … its not the actual bath salt that you soak in. they gave it that name because the products look similar.

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Rachel Goldberg

Posted at 3:03 PM on June 14, 2012  

The face-eating guy had no evidence of bath salts in his system. Since bloodwork hasn’t come back yet, we have no idea if this woman was on bath salts.

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