Heartbreak After Two 5-Year-Old Girls Drown on Grandmother's Watch

Tue, June 12, 2012 11:43am EST by 8 Comments
Two Girls Drown

The two five-year-old girls drowned in a backyard pool after one of the girl’s grandmother — who is the live-in housekeeper — allegedly chatted on a phone indoors for 45 minutes.

Questions have arisen whether or not the Dallas, Texas girls, Mia Penoyer and Sophia Juarez, actually drowned or if fowl play was involved.

Suspicion of what occurred that June 10 day has been fueled by several troubling details.

According to Daily Mail, it was a rainy Sunday afternoon when the girls were found dead in the pool both fully clothed.

Also, according to police Sophia was able to swim.

All signs point to the fact that the girls had not set out to go swimming that day, but it is unclear how exactly their deaths occurred.

Mia and Sophia were under the care of Mia’s 58-year-old grandmother, who was a live in housekeeper for the Juarez family, while the family was at the grocery store.

The girls’ bodies were found later that afternoon by Sophia’s 10-year-old brother.

HollyMoms what do you think happened?

– Caroline Zapatero

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Posted at 12:23 PM on June 16, 2012  

Pools scare me and luckily my fear has been ingrained in me by my husband’s family who watches my girls as closely (if not closer) than I do in the pool. But, with that said, I can see where they could have been playing and one fell in and the other was trying to help. My girls just turned 6 and I could see if they were alone they would try to help the other. And mine have been “swimming” since before they could even walk but just two weeks ago one of them jumped off the diving board at a local pool and just like FORGOT how to swim. Since the lifeguard was watching already my husband asked him to get her (he was closer)…2 seconds she was out and fine. But even if a child knows how to swim they have moments they may panic which could have been the case here. Either way…if there’s a pool and children (even if they aren’t supposed to be around the pool) NEVER take your eyes off them. They are faster than you’d think. My heart goes out to the families who have lost their babies :(

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Minaj fan

Posted at 9:56 PM on June 14, 2012  

who would get their grandmother to watch their kids. i mean for real you dont have a brother, sister, etc.? who leaves 5 year olds alone with no supervision….most grandparents i see just sleep all day.

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Posted at 12:14 PM on June 16, 2012  

The grandmother was/is 58!!! Not like she’s 94 and can’t run if she has to!

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Posted at 12:46 PM on June 16, 2012  

For the record I am a neighbor. The Juarez hired a 58 year old woman as a live in nanny and housekeeper. His employee let her own grandayghter come over to play with her employeers daughter. The Juarez girl could swim well. The woman ‘s grandaughter could not swim at all. Sofia probably tried to help her and drown. This woman was an employee and not the Juarez girls grandmother. Read the news before posting riduculos comments. 58 is plenty young to be a nanny/housekeeper. She just got on the phone and didn’t. Watch the girls.

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Posted at 9:38 PM on June 12, 2012  

It’s not Texas, so with that, think this post is wrong.

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Posted at 9:17 PM on June 12, 2012  

how could there not be foul play?! I could see one girl drowning… but both?! when one knew how to swim and they were both fully dressed. dfinetly not the full story!

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Posted at 12:51 PM on June 16, 2012  

Yes full story. Woman was on cell phone call and didn’t. Watch girls. They are 5. The swimmer probably drown trying to save the other. When drowning one panics and pulls the other under trying to save themself. It is hard for trained lifeguards. It is physically hard to save adrowning person when trained. Let alone a child trying to do so.

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Posted at 3:58 PM on June 12, 2012  

who leaves 5 year olds alone by a pool??? :(

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