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Demi Moore's Issues Are Not The Reason Scout Willis Is Drinking

Tue, June 5, 2012 9:06pm EDT by 3 Comments
Scout Willis Arrested

A Willis family friend tells that Scout Willis’ arrest is not a reflection of her mother’s problems.

Scout Willis was arrested on June 4 after being caught drinking underage with a fake ID. But a source close to the Willis family tells us this does not at all have anything to do with Demi Moore and her recent troubles.

“Her parents are great parents and even though Demi had her issues a few months ago, those are her issues and they don’t affect Scout in any way nor is Scout influenced by her mom’s behavior .Even though Scout is only twenty, she’s a grown woman and she makes her own decisions,” explains our insider.

“It’s just a single stupid incident,” our source continues. “I mean, really? She got in trouble for a) drinking in public and b) having a fake ID. I’m so irritated by this because she’s my friend and it’s being blown out of proportion in the news. How many people who are twenty-years-old drink? So many. And OK, she was wrong for showing a fake ID but there are so many people who do that. I’m not saying it’s right — I’m just saying if she wasn’t who she was no one would care.”

So will Scout be a repeat offender? Her friend definitely doesn’t think so. “This is an isolated incident and I’m sure Scout has learned her lesson and she’s pass this. She’ll go to court and do what she has to do to get this pesky incident taken care of and behind her.”