Kristen Stewart: Why I Keep Robert Pattinson's Love Private

Mon, June 4, 2012 10:03am EDT by 8 Comments
Kristen Stewart Interview

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Posted at 10:32 PM on July 6, 2012  

I think they’re awesome and wish them the best :)

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Posted at 12:48 PM on June 21, 2012  

I think that Robert and Kristen r a great couple and the
Can do anything they want about there relationship and
They don’t have to talk about it if they don’t wanna I


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Posted at 4:31 AM on June 11, 2012  

ok,what she said about brad and angelina was a bit rude.and
no their relationship is nothing like the way she described it.
she keeps saying ‘i want to keep my personal life private/off
limits,etc.’ but then she goes and drops comments about rob
(my boyfriend,etc) to reporters during an i wish
that she would take her own advise and shut the hell up and
not say anything about rob.then she would have nothing to complain about.
and i still say if she would have just said (if it is true) ‘yeah,we
are together’ it wouldn’t have been as big of a deal as it is now.
but then again,it’s hard to admit to something that isn’t true.
maybe that’s why she won’t admit they are a couple.
besides,if she wanted a job with privacy and pappz not bothering her,she should have picked another profession.she
knew what she was getting into when she signed on the dotted line.seeing as both her parents are in the biz.
but really,if you all think about it,after 3 years and really you all have nothing to prove one way or the other what they are.
and i know for a fact that she still lives with her mom and dad.
(i live in the same neighberhood/culdesac) maybe you all have seen a pic of the RV sitting in my drive in one of those pics of kristen at her house.

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Posted at 10:40 PM on July 6, 2012  

I think that you might be taking her comments the wrong way, for example I don’t think that she was trying to be disrespectful towards Bragelina I think that she was just using them as an example of something that she simply does not want for herself.

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Posted at 4:58 AM on June 5, 2012  

I love them both & think people should allow them to get on with their lives but that being said I think their entire relationship is a publicity stunt, and it pains me to say because I wish it wasn’t, but let’s face it..them being together makes for a more interesting story and fans love it and lap it up & it sells more box office tickets! Once BD pt2 has been shown to fans around the world & all publicity is over it will be interesting to see how long they stay together..I for one hope they prove me wrong! x

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Posted at 9:15 PM on June 4, 2012  

If you really supported Kristen, you would leave her alone and respected her privacy. I really couldn’t care less if she were dating Robert. Even if she were dating someone else–someone not as widely known as Rob is–I would still love and support her. I wish some people–aka PAPARAZZI–would leave her alone and give her some space, but unfortunately, that’s the way paparazzi works.

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Posted at 6:33 PM on June 4, 2012  

No, i love how they keep their relationship privet. thats one of the things i like most about them, that they flaunt it out like others. they are so cute!! <3 ROBSTEN<3!!!

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Posted at 6:34 PM on June 4, 2012  

they dont flaunt it, my bad

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