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Justin Bieber Could Pass Out Again After Concussion, Warns Top Neurologist

Sun, June 3, 2012 1:06pm EDT by Bonnie Fuller 8 Comments
Justin Bieber Injury spoke EXCLUSIVELY with an expert who outlined the extent of Justin’s injury — as well as the lasting risks if he doesn’t treat it!

Justin Bieber had a recent accident that resulted in a concussion, and if he ignores his health and doesn’t get the proper care he needs, he could pass out again!

Justin, 18, released a video via on June 1 which showcased paralysis on the right side of his face. The injuries took place as the result of a 15-second concussion after Justin ran into a glass door backstage at a Paris concert on May 31.

“I got into a fight with a glass window,” he said. “I can’t move my eyebrow. It’s the weirdest thing — some weird stuff going on.”

Justin and his team need to take his concussion seriously or he could keep passing out, a world-renowned neurologist tells EXCLUSIVELY.

“Most likely a small branch of the facial nerve is injured. He probably hit himself pretty hard and he damaged a nerve,” says Dr. Dexter Sun, a top neurologist at New York Presbyterian Hospital/Cornell in New York City.

As for why he passed out: “It’s a combination of the concussion plus exhaustion and stress from travelling and performing,” says Dr. Sun. “He could also be dehydrated from travelling. Justin most likely damaged the seventh of the cranial nerves. He needs to do two things: see a neurologist and have an MRI to assess his concussion and REST!”

If Justin doesn’t get some serious rest, then he could pass out again. The good news is that if it was simply a concussion and there’s no major damage to the nerve, the paralysis should go away in less than two months, says Dr. Sun.

Fortunately, Justin tweeted twice about positive developments after his accident. When asked about his eyebrow on June 1, he wrote “lol. it’s all good. thanks for asking”. And on June 3, he wrote, “day off in spain. no complaints here”. It seems he’s getting just the rest that the doctor ordered!

So Justin– get rested up! Your health comes before anything else!


— Bonnie Fuller

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