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DJ Paul Van Dyk is Back After A Five Year Break

Thu, May 31, 2012 7:31pm EDT by Add first Comment
DJ Paul Van Dyk

Where in the world has electronic music DJ Paul Van Dyk been? has the exclusive interview for you!

After a five year hiatus, Grammy award-winning DJ Paul Van Dyk is back with a brand new sound and hit album, Evolution. Read on to find out what he’s been up to and what his plans are for his music!

Why did you leave the scene for five years?

PVD: The reason why it took longer was because I was doing other things. I was making soundtracks and video games soundtracks. On top of that, the whole music industry has changed. I was trying to make new elements. When you’re busy with office structuring and issues, you don’t have the creative mindset.

How do you feel about coming back into the spotlight now?

PVD: I expect it to be much more difficult to reach my audience. The people who know my music from five years ago probably expect it to sound like it did. It shouldn’t sound like five years ago because that’s not what it’s about and it shouldn’t sound like what’s out there because thats not what I do.

As a electronic music veteran, how do you feel social media has changed the industry?

PVD: I’m a very optimistic person. I have the chance to listen to so much phenomenal music. Connecting with social networking to create music is a progression of what electronic music does anyway — it connects people.

Who has inspired you musically lately?

PVD: To be honest, the new the music by Linkin Park. They have always been a favorite band of mine.

Do you have a list of people you want to collaborate with?

PVD: To be honest, I don’t have such a list. I do the work with friends who are musicians as well. I’m working on a piece of music and I have an idea of who I want on the vocals, but I don’t really have a list.

What are you favorite kinds of venues to play?

PVD: I like all of them in some way. I have a very clear idea about my sound. In a smaller and more intimate setting, it’s a different approach than a big festival.

When can we expect a new release?

PVD: I’m already four or five tracks into doing something new. It wasn’t that I slowed down, I just did some other stuff that I always wanted to do.

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