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'Pretty Little Liars': Ashley Benson On 'Sketchy' Season 3 Lucas — Is He 'A'?

Wed, May 30, 2012 6:40pm EDT by Andy Swift 25 Comments
Pretty Little Liars Who Is A

Plus, Ashley reveals Hanna’s future with Caleb, and it’s (mostly) good news!

Lucas (Brendan Robinson) has always been an odd duck, but he reached new levels of insanity when he tried to kill Hanna in a rowboat — and Ashley Benson says the madness will definitely continue in season three. “He’s becoming very sketchy and very different,” Ashley told and other reporters during a recent visit to the Pretty Little Liars set. “You won’t even recognize him.”

And Ashley isn’t just referring to Lucas’ new facial hair — yes, that’s real stubble in the above photo — but to a whole new demeanor for Rosewood High’s creepiest creeper.

“It’s nerve-wracking for all the girls, especially Hanna, because she knows him as ‘cute’ Lucas,” Ashley said. “Now he’s changed and he can be someone who has been helping out with ‘A.’ We’re all just trying to figure it out and everybody is a suspect in our eyes. Anybody who crosses paths with us is now seen as a bad guy and Lucas is now one of them because he’s changed so drastically.”

But not all the men in Hanna’s life are raging psychopaths. “Haleb” shippers will be happy to know that she and Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) are A-OK in season three — for the most part.

“They are going to have their problems, but I think they will always be somewhat of an item,” Ashley said.

Well at least that’s some good news!

Who’s on your A-dar for season three? Do you think Lucas is working with Mona, or would that be too obvious? Drop a comment with your best theory below!

— Andy Swift

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