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Rihanna Tweets About Romantic Needs — Sending Message To Chris Brown?

Tue, May 29, 2012 5:32pm EDT by HL Intern 13 Comments
Rihanna Tweets Chris Brown

Rihanna seems to be ‘over’ her relationship with Chris Brown, and looks happy with new boyfriend, Drake.  But her tweets say otherwise…

Rihannas Twitter exposes what she really needs from a relationship: stability, support, and an “anchor.”  Is Drake meeting these needs?  Or are these a jab at ex, Chris Brown?

On May 29, Rihanna posted a series of tweets from Twitter account “Pisces Are Us.” These tweets, obviously targeted toward her tumultuous relationship with ex Chris, are not the first she’s posted from “Pisces Are Us.”  But this new stream of tweets seem to illuminate what she craves in her life and in her relationships.

“The glyph for #Pisces shows two fish swimming in opposite directions, and this is symbolic of the Pisces nature.”

Rihanna needs a significant other who can challenge her, and allows her to be independent.  Rather than mirroring her in personality and actions, a common sign of affection, Rihanna, as a Pisces, subscribes to the idea that “opposites attract.”  Is Drake better suited to complement her and her duality?

 #Pisceans sometimes appear fickle or unreliable because they change their minds so frequently.

Finally, Rihanna sheds some light on her on-again, off-again relationship with her abusive ex.  Are they?  Aren’t they?  The press could never really tell, and frankly, neither could she.  It wasn’t until the Chris Brown – Rihanna – Karrueche Tran love triangle that everyone knew it was really over.  Rihanna clearly couldn’t make up her mind about that boy.  Wonder if she’ll change her mind again?

#Pisceans are very sensitive to environments and need to be cautious about where they choose to live and who they spend time with.

Oooh, Rihanna, anybody could’ve told you that spending time with a boy with a temper wouldn’t do anything for you.  But the important thing is that she’s moved on to bigger and better things.  Hopefully she won’t put herself into any more compromising situations… Drake seems like more of a lover than a fighter.

#Pisces do best with friends and romantic partners who behave consistently and act as solid anchors in their lives.

It’s hard to stay grounded when you’re constantly traveling and on tour.  Rihanna is acknowledging how helpful it is to have a partner to support her and her whirlwind lifestyle in this tweet.  Let’s hope that Drake can be the “anchor” she needs.

Is Drake a good change for Rihanna, Hollywood Lifers?

— Margaret Quigley

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