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‘America’s Got Talent’: Issac Brown Could Be The Next Michael Jackson

Tue, May 29, 2012 11:12pm EDT by 18 Comments

Did ‘AGT’ witness the rise of the next Michael? Meet the winner of one of the best auditions in TV history!

The May 29 episode of America’s Got Talent found Howard Stern, Sharon Osbourne and Howie Mandel in St. Louis, where they found an incredibly talented six-year-old performer who just might be the best thing to happen to prime time television (but more on him later). With the assistance of Nick Cannon, viewers were also treated to eye-stretching talent that ran the gamut from breathtaking antics to life-threatening shenanigans.

Let’s break down the top three acts, shall we?

3. Cut Throat Freak Show
This trio consisted of walking barefoot on broken glass, lifting a chair up by the eyelids, and swallowing a sword. Are you in any way squeamish? Yea, you don’t want to watch this then. The best thing about this act was their unabashed determination. They have guts, that’s for sure. My only gripe? It was a tad idiotic, but more power to ‘em!

2. Spencer Horsman, 26 – Escape Artist
This daredevil took the stage in a straightjacket, was dangled just below a giant metal claw, and had one minute and twenty seconds to escape. Did he do it? Also, did I mention it involved fire? Yes, once the fire burnt through the rope across the top of the contraption, it snapped and closed the metal jaws of death. Fortunately, for him he made it just in the nick of time. He had the audience (and me) on the edge of our seats. He had me mesmerized. Frightened? Check. Scared for his life? Check. Intrigued? Double check.

And the winner of one of the best auditions on any reality TV competition show:

1. Issac Brown, 6 – Singer/Dancer
This little bundle of energy took the stage and left with a piece of America’s heart. (And mine). Was his vocal that unique? No, but he has years to perfect that. He was a true entertainer. He took pride in his performance, was humble, and showed that passion is what matters most. Best kid act ever? (I think yes). Bonus, he reminded me so much of Michael Jackson that I immediately had to go listen to my Jackson 5 collection.

Hollywoodlifers, what do YOU think? What was your favorite act of the night? And could Issac be the next Michael Jackson? Watch Issac in action below, then drop a comment with your review: