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The 'Bachelorette' Recap: Emily Maynard's Shocking Eliminations Before The Rose Ceremony

Mon, May 28, 2012 10:52pm EDT by 2 Comments

Emily Maynard definitely isn’t messing around on this season of the ‘Bachelorette.’ The Southern Belle sent two guys home before the final rose ceremony! Read on for more details.

Emily Maynard isn’t wasting time! If one of her suitors doesn’t meet her criteria for a life-long mate, she pulls the plug immediately — and that’s exactly what she did on the May 28th episode.

Date 1: Country with Chris

The Bachelorette kicked off with a date invite for Chicago-native Chris Bukowski who was very excited to be the first one to spend time with Emily.

And the feeling was mutual because Emily planned a very thoughtful evening. The 26-year-old surprised him with tickets to a Luke Bryan concert who is one of Chris’ favorite singers. Needless to say, the date went very well. At first, Emily admitted she was concerned about the age difference — he’s 25 –but she was able to move past that pretty quickly.

In fact, Emily revealed she could totally see herself falling for Chris.

“I could see myself falling seriously in love with Chris,” she told the cameras.


Date 2: ‘If ya wanna be my lova, ya gotta get with my friends’

This may have been the most unpleasant date in Bachelorette history.

Emily brought the guys to the park for — what they thought — an innocent game of football, but to their surprise Emily’s plan was far from just a simple game of catch. Emily gathered her best girlfriends together to spend the afternoon grilling her men. Yikes!

And things definitely got a little heated. Emily’s friend Wendy was basically drooling over Sean Lowe;  she asked him to take his shirt off and then sat on his back while he did push-ups. I think that was a little inappropriate, Wendy.

Em’s friends also gave advice to shy guy Jef Holm. They said that he definitely needs to step it up and show interest in her and I couldn’t agree more.

Luckily though, Jef  later caught Emily’s eye later. After Emily’s friends grilled the guys, the Bachelorette blew a whistle and the park turned into a recess session.

The guys’ parenting skills were put to test and Emily said that Jef’s definitely surprised her. Apparently his last girlfriend had kids, so he has experience in the daddy arena. After the guys played with the kids, everyone went back to the house for cocktail hour.

But this turned sour in no time.

Emily ended up finding Tony in a corner,crying. The father was pretty sad because he missed his 5-year-old son.

Emily consoled him and told him that she understood where he was coming from, but that she couldn’t bear to hurt him like this and sadly she ended up sending him home.

Date 3: Dollywood With Arie

Emily’s third date was with race driver  Arie Luyendyk, Jr. to Dolly Parton’s amusement park. Of course, Arie was a good sport about it and Emily literally had the ride of her life.  Not only did they romantically ride a roller coaster together, Dolly even made a guest appearance.

The pair wrote a love song and Dolly even sang one of her own for them. It was pretty precious. But the most touching part was Dolly’s kind words about Em.

“I’ve been with my husband — together 47 years, married 45 years,” Dolly told them. “Emily has such a warm little heart, I can tell … I do know that there is such a thing as love everlasting. And I really hope she finds it. I’m sure she will.”

Things really started to heat up with Arie and Emily during their intimate dinner.

Arie opened up about his past relationship with a woman who had two children of her own, but didn’t want to have more. This surprised Arie and was ultimately the demise of their relationship which was “super tough” for the race-car driver to get through. Then tables turned and Arie questioned Emily about her Bachelor ex Brad Womack.

“I don’t think Brad was quite as ready for marriage and kids as he thought he was,” Emily said.

The two kissed and then Emily tried to lighten the mood by making it seem like she wasn’t going to give Arie a rose. His heart almost sank, but of course she was joking.

“I can’t believe the connection we built today. I can imagine myself one day getting down on one knee,” Arie said.

Cocktail Party

Emily stole Kalon for some one-on-one time. Kalon — who has been dying for alone time with Em — revealed that it’s “devastating” he hasn’t gone on a date with her yet. Cry us a river, Kalon.

The the crazy part happened though when she spent alone time with Brazil-native Alessandro who called dating a woman who  has a kid a “compromise.” Ouch! Emily didn’t think twice before sending that one home.

Thus, leaving only one man to pack his bag after the rose ceremony.

The Rose Ceremony

We’re definitely sad to see this one go: Stevie —  his dance moves will be missed!

“It sucks and it hurts,” he said as he left.

What did you think about tonight’s episode, HollywoodLifers? Weigh in below.

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