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'Sister Wives:' Robyn, Thanks For Being Honest That You'd Strangle Kody Brown For Taking A Fifth Wife

Mon, May 28, 2012 11:23am EDT by Bonnie Fuller 47 Comments
Kody Brown 5th Wife

Robyn, it was great to see you crack and be relatable for once. You’ve been such a non-stop cheerleader for being a sister wife, that it was a relief to hear you admit tonight that as the fourth wife, you have your limits and that Kody better NOT be interested in taking a fifth wife.

Kody Brown, you’ve got some mighty jealous wives. And why are we not surprised? No one man can possibly keep four different wives happy, no matter how much you tell us in your show Sister Wives that it’s your “calling” to marry multiple times. In any case, jealousy was definitely the theme of the episode May 27. Christine finally came clean that she was “sooo jealous” of Robyn after she became Kody’s fourth wife and she did it to Robyn’s face, at a confessional lunch.

“A new wife coming into a plural family always shakes things up a little bit and I’d never experienced a new wife coming into the family. I was the last wife for 16 years,” Christine admits, in one of the understatements of the decade. Yes, we can bet a fourth wife would shake up a marriage a little. ” I really didn’t think I’d get jealous. I’d always been a very secure person and secure in my relationship with Kody. I didn’t anything would rock that boat but it’s still hard even two and a half years after Robyn came into this marriage.”

Of course, any woman outside a sister wife marriage could completely understand why it would have been hard for Christine, who had just given birth to her and Kody’s 6th child when he married Robyn and then took her away on a two week honeymoon, while Christine was left to nurse her baby Truly, on her own. No wonder Christine, ” got jealous, soooo jealous,” she admits to Robyn.

Robyn cries, like Robyn often does, when she thinks her sister wives don’t like her or want her. “Things have been a little rocky between Christine and me because she’s perceived that maybe me coming in threw off her marriage to Kody,” she says, then adds, “I’ve had a hard time dealing with their (the wives) struggle with me… it was hard for me not to take it personally, like they didn’t like me.”

Well, maybe because Robyn realizes that her own addition to the family made Christine so miserable, she is THE wife who is most adamant about a fifth marriage never happening for Kody. “You better not be interested in a fifth wife,” she tells him after Kody answers a viewer’s question about whether or not he’d marry again.  Wisely, Kody says, “The consideration of a fifth wife is … almost a no,” after he in an extra-sensitive moment admits that “every single week I have one of my wives say ‘I miss you and I’m so lonely, so I’m feeling like my life is very spread thin.” Ya think, Kody?

However, he leaves the door open a crack because “if we’d said no to a fourth wife, we’d never have Robyn.” Hmm — I think Christine is still torn on that one.

Christine, however, has decided that the problem with her third marriage isn’t Robyn after all — it’s Kody. “It wasn’t you I had a hard time with,” she tells Robyn. “It was Kody. I just felt left.” She says that Kody “left because I became jealous and it changed our relationship.” Yes — we can understand that. She points out that Kody had promised to be with her through thick and thin and he wasn’t.”

Despite Kody’s betrayal and as far as we know, the ongoing issues with her marriage (as of a couple of episodes ago, Kody was still blowing Christine off when she tried to talk about their issues), Christine still says she would have a plural marriage all over again, in response to a viewers’ question. “It would be a lot easier if Kody was around full time. I feel alone and abandoned and I wish he was there but then I look at the blessings of all the kids and sister wives and I wouldn’t want it any different,” she explains. She also insists she became a sister wife, not because of Kody, but because she wanted sister wives to help her raise her six kids. “My kids are better off because of you, she tells her sister wives.”

So I guess Christine REALLY is torn or maybe she’s trying to justify her decision to have six children with a man who she has to share with three other women. Robyn says she accepts her “position” as fourth wife, whatever that means, first wife Meri says that “jealousy can be a real challenge for us” but seems satisfied with the situation and second wife Janelle  — also a mom of 6 — in reality seems to be the only wife who genuinely seems self-actualized, self confident and maybe just too busy to worry about the fact that she only has Kody in her house and bed every fourth night.

Now Hollywoodlifers — do you really think it’s possible for multiple wives in a marriage not to be jealous of each other?  Tell us now!

-Bonnie Fuller