'RHONJ' Preview: Caroline Manzo Blames Teresa Giudice For Her Troubled Relationships

Fri, May 25, 2012 1:25pm EST by 7 Comments

Uh oh! Caroline is definitely at her wits end with Teresa. The Housewife goes as far as blaming her for all the bad in her life! Do YOU agree?

It’s no secret Teresa Giudice has been the oddball out in season 4 of Real Housewives of New Jersey.

And it doesn’t appear that it will change any time soon.

“I hold Teresa responsible for a lot of my relationships that are hurting,” Caroline says. “She puts wood in my relationships’ fire. I put the lid on hers.”

Hmm! Doesn’t sound like a healthy friendship.

What do you think HollywoodLifers? Do you think Caroline is out of line? Vote and weigh in below.

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Posted at 8:39 PM on May 25, 2012  

It seems very interesting how Bravo alters comments posted on the wives blog. Caroline forgot to bring up the fishy situation involving he husband and NJ and the salary and benefits he was taking advantage of by LYING of his residence… I guess the government health benefit helped him get that lap band… And what about his father who belonged to the mafia and was shot dead, stripped naked and thrown in his own trunk that was abandoned in a parking lot in Hillside… He was corrupted and was also involved in politics in Paterson. brownstone was purchased by Albert Tiny Manzo with blood money and not hard earned money..but Caroline does not clarify all the fishy unto no good things her family has and continues to do.. Wasn’t Albie a sheriff? I wonder when he had the time to go to the police academy ? I just feel the Manzo like to put everyone else down but they need to take a real good hard look at themselves.. Both Caroline nor Jacqueline know the meaning of loyalty.. Jacqueline Kay off the Botox, you starting to look like a duck.. and don’t even let me get started on the gold digger wife on that moron Joe Gorga.. And Kathy – do you know the meaning of blood is thicker the water? Your loyalty is to your family Teresa not Melissa, not Caroline, not Jacqueline. If you don’t want to get involved or better yet wan to help, my suggestion is to SHUT UP and only listen. Remember you have a on and a daughter too and you would never want anyone getting in between them..that’s all for now. But one last note, to all the Teresa haters, get a life and turn the channel if you are tired of Teresa cause guess what? She is the star of the show!

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Lilla. B

Posted at 4:11 PM on May 25, 2012  

God this lady makes me sick!!! I love teresa she is by far my favorite and I agree 1 million percent with Vieste80. Teresa is so different when shes not around these two faced, jealous witches. Bravo needs to get rid of Caroline, Melissa and kathy or give Teresa her own show.

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Posted at 3:49 PM on May 25, 2012  

Teresa s real, sincere and loyal.. She might not be the most mature or smartest but non of the wives are. What makes her loyal- no matter what people say about her husband she has proved she will stick by him no matter what unlike alot other housewives that got a divorce the minute their husbands went broke. Through the episodes you see her family especially that midget, French bull dog of a brother who should be ashamed of himself for speaking about his sister to the whole world whenever he has the opportunity.. The show was Teresas thing and Melissa and Kathy jumped on it behind Teresas back to get famous. Not the other way around.. And Jacqueline should have a lot of nerves to talk she forced her daughter to partake in the mess with Danielle in which almost put her in jail.. Great job mommy. Caroline is a miserable person, whines about everything just like her daughter… No wonder Dina is staying away. Miserable people. I hope bravo is smart enough and gives Teresa her own show. I enjoy seeing her when she is happy care free and smiling with her family. And not now that she seems to always having to protect herself and her kids from these monsters.. And Andy stop with all this drama you have set Teresa up from day one because of the gay comments you were offended by from her husband in which she apologies plenty of times. Get Over it.

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Posted at 1:09 AM on July 10, 2012  

“Real?” How “real” is it to lie about your families status, walk around with a strange fake plastic on your face and deny, deny, deny…oh yes, real crazy. Seriously, I can’t imagine you are not Teresa posting or even her daughter so having this skewed opinion. Scary indeed!

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Posted at 2:00 PM on May 25, 2012  

When is BRAVO going to see that Teresa crazy. She makes up lies to hurt other people. I love the show but it would be better with out her.

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Posted at 5:16 PM on May 26, 2012  

No, it was better before her sister-in-law and cousin came on the show. It used to be fun to watch but now I just cringe.

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Posted at 1:11 AM on July 10, 2012  

I agree. Its so much fun to watch a nutball like Teresa run a show. Watching everyone around her call her out on her crap and clearly show her delusional behaviors isn’t as fun.

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