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Miley Cyrus Could ‘Go Off Rails’ Like Lindsay Lohan If She Doesn’t Save Her Career, Expert Says

Fri, May 25, 2012 3:57pm EDT by 17 Comments
Miley Cyrus Career Over

Miley Cyrus hit mega success as a young kid, but since turning 18, she’s struggled to find that same momentum with her career. Is she doomed for good?

Miley Cyrus is gorgeous, talented and powerful — so why is she having such a hard time coming into her own as an adult in Hollywood? Veteran casting director Doron Ofir says the answer is simple — she needs to start creating news outside of just her partying, personal life and side boobs.

“With an unlimited amount of money, Miley should use her celebrity to find something she is passionate about and expand,” Doron says. “Her brand is non-existent, and marketing wise Miley Cyrus is only in the news for her stoner lifestyle. She could be staring, directing, and producing movies with actually meaning or starting a new phenomenon, like The Hunger Games. Perhaps a starring role and producer re-boot of the Flowers in the Attic series.”

This tough transition phase Miley is going through right now is nothing new in show biz. It seems like every child star undergoes the same stresses, but some fair better than others.

“Miley has had huge success as Hannah Montana, but ever since the show ended and the movie premiered, the Disney Princess has been lost in a weird limbo,” Doron explains. “Miley is in a transition phase where no one is telling her who to be anymore, and she really needs to figure it out. Now at 19, she has reached that odd age where a star can really succeed like Ron Howard, go off the rails like Lindsay Lohan, or just fall out of the limelight light like Hilary Duff.”

We all know Miley wants to move on from her Disney career to bigger and better and Doron believes she can take steps outside of her acting to ensure she’s relevant for a long time.

“Miley should revamp her label and clothing line, previously only sold at Wal-Mart, and is geared towards a very young demographic,” she says. “She needs to start a new older line embracing her Boho chic fashion sense with a mixture of a few red carpet pieces for a new demographic. Miley’s fans are getting older and her line needs to grown with them.”

Then, there’s the teen queen’s music career, which hit a lurch in 2010 when she released Can’t Be Tamed. However, Doron suggests she try that route yet again, now that the timing is better.

“Music wise, Miley’s last album Can’t be Tamed, was a great album, but overlooked and way before its time,” Doron says. “If that CD were released in 2012 instead of 2010 the world would have been ready for it. Pop music now is the electronic style that Rock Mafia embraces, but people didn’t get it till now. With the craze of dubstep and DJ’s like Avicii and David Guetta, the possibilities are endless for Miley and where her music could go.”

So there you have it. Miley needs to stay busy and focused, even when she’s not on set. We’re confident Miley will be back and better than ever in no time. After all, she’s built an empire and she’s only 19!

What do YOU want to see Miley do with her career?

Reporting by Sandra Clark

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