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'Glee' Recap: Did Rachel & Finn Stay Together After Graduation?

Wed, May 23, 2012 12:53am EDT by 40 Comments
Glee Finale Season 3

The time has come, Gleeks! In the tear-jerking season finale, the New Directions’ seniors graced the stage one final time — as graduates! Find out who’s moving to New York City… and who isn’t.

On the May 22 season finale of Glee, the New Directions prepared to take the next step, as the graduates looked back on their time at McKinley High and said their final goodbyes.

The episode opened with Will (Matthew Morrison) giving the New Directions their final assignment of the year: find a way to say goodbye to one another.

‘Glee’ Finale Recap — More Sad Goodbyes End Season 3

In the first of many scenes to bring me to tears tonight, Burt (Mike O’Malley) surprised Kurt (Chris Colfer) in the auditorium by performing Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” with Tina (Tina Ushkowitz) and Brittany (Heather Morris). The father-son duo have come such a long way since Kurt came out of the closet after Burt walked in on him dancing to that very song back in season one!

A little later, Blaine (Darren Criss) insisted he and Kurt finally have the talk – were they or weren’t they going to break up after graduation? Kurt insisted on staying together and promised Blaine he would never say goodbye to him. Kurt envisioned them ending up like the characters in The Notebook, only happy and still together — and watching a retrospective on J. Lo, of course.

Back in the choir room, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house when Kurt got up and dedicated Madonna’s “I’ll Remember” to all the guys for seeing past his sexuality and being his friend. I have to give kudos to Chris Colfer for knocking yet another solo performance out of the park this season.

Meanwhile, when Santana (Naya Rivera) learned Mercedes (Amber Riley) had signed a recording contract and was moving to Hollywood after graduation, she began doubting her decision to go to college. With Brittany redoing her senior year at McKinley, Santana decided to stay in Lima, but she reconsidered after her mother (guest star Gloria Estefan) pleaded with her to continue with her education. But in the end, Mrs. Lopez encouraged her daughter to follow her heart and move to New York.

Elsewhere, things were finally beginning to look up for Finn (Cory Monteith), who had decided he wanted to study acting at the Actors Studio in New York. But despite finding happiness and no longer fearing the future, Finn couldn’t help feeling something was missing. He explained to his mom he wanted to seek redemption for his father’s dishonorable discharge.

All the while, Quinn (Dianna Agron) — having won Nationals and gotten into the college of her dreams — decided to spend her final days at McKinley giving back. Wanting to help Puck graduate, Quinn gave him the kick in the pants – or kiss on the lips, rather – he needed to remind him what he was capable of. Puck retook the test and passed. Later on, I got all misty-eyed when Quinn shared a final heartfelt moment with Sue (Jane Lynch), who displayed her softer side by telling Quinn how proud she was of her.

Finally, when Rachel (Lea Michele), Finn and Kurt met in the choir room to open their acceptance letters, they found out only Rachel had been accepted. I wasn’t expecting good news for everyone, but I was shocked — and majorly disappointed — Kurt was rejected from NYADA. Rachel decided to defer her acceptance and spend the year helping Finn and Kurt rework their applications, but Finn had other ideas. Finn drove Rachel to the train station, where he broke off their engagement and told her he loves her enough to set her free. He also told her he had enlisted in the Army. The New Directions had all gathered at the station to say goodbye to Rachel. Before a teary-eyed Rachel boarded the train to New York, she and Finn shared one last kiss.

What did you think of tonight’s season finale, HollywoodLifers? Were you heartbroken Rachel and Finn broke up? Were you disappointed Kurt didn’t get into NYADA? What are your hopes for season four? See you in the comments section!

— Josh Rosenblatt