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'16 And Pregnant' Recap: Devon Worries Her Army Boyfriend Colin Will Re-Enlist

Tue, May 22, 2012 11:18pm EDT by 3 Comments
16 Pregnant Devon Broyles

When Devon’s boyfriend Colin loses his job, he considers re-enlisting because he wants to support his family. However, his choice leaves Devon concerned! Find out what else happened this episode!

Unlike last week’s episode with Sarah, Devon Broyles has a loving and responsible boyfriend, Colin. After the couple welcomed beautiful Landon Levi, the couple plan their future together searching for a new house.

The Richmond, Virginia teen fell in love with her boyfriend after he had just returned from his service in Iraq. Devon is 16 and her boyfriend Colin is four years older. The couple had been together for eight months when Devon got pregnant. Although Devon said she was practicing safe sex, she believes she got pregnant when she switched from the pill to NuvaRing. Remarkably, she didn’t realize she was pregnant until she was five months along because she didn’t notice any symptoms.

It’s good to know that Devon not only has a supportive boyfriend, she also has a very tight-knit family. Devon lives at home with her boyfriend and many of her family members including two sisters, one brother, her mother, and four dogs. In fact, her older sister Jane was also a teen mom at 17 and was able to give Devon advice on how she would be able to juggle everything in her life with a baby.

It’s seen throughout the episode that Devon is a determined young woman. She still wants to finish high school, eventually go to college, and find a job in medicine. Instead of dropping out, Devon returned to school her senior year when she was seven months along. She admitted school was hard and received stares from other kids.

The full and crowded house becomes a source of contention for the couple. Colin is dead set on moving out because he wants privacy, but they both know they aren’t in the position to afford it. Even though Colin makes enough money with his warehouse job, he said he wants “to be able to buy the things for the baby and pay the bills.” He said he could rejoin the military to make ends meet — he doesn’t want his growing family to struggle for money. Devon, however, is more concerned with the present. “I just don’t want you to go away,” she says.

The moving-out-talk was tabled when an astonishingly calm Devon goes into labor. Naturally, her calm visage wore off after the long hours of labor take a toll on the teen and she requests an epidural. After 12 hours of labor, it was finally time to push. She gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Landon Levi, weighing 6 lbs. 10 oz.

After Landon was brought home, we find out Colin has to pick up extra shifts at his job to make money. While he’s at work, Devon takes care of Landon and studies for her G.E.D. The couple have been so busy that they haven’t had the time to talk about moving out, but when they finally do, they realize they desperately need a place of their own.

When baby Landon is one-month old, the couple seriously look into buying a house together. They even meet with brokers and find out they are pre-approved to get a new home, so they go looking for potential nests. But in a very unfortunate turn of events, Colin gets laid off and their dream of moving out is put on hold. “I feel like I’m failing,” said Colin to his girlfriend and baby.

Due to zero luck with the job hunt, their realtor breaks the bad news that the fact that they have no job means they cannot look for houses.

In the end of the episode, they seem lost. Even when Colin says he wants to go to firefighter school and have a job at the same time, Devon counters that he’ll never be home and she won’t be able to have time for herself.

“You’re always going to make sacrifices when you’re a teen mom,” she said.

At the end of the episode, Devon breaks down: “I just want to be able to be a teenager. It’s definitely hard.”

We hope everything turned out for the best for the family! Can you believe there’s only one more episode of 16 And Pregnant, HollyMoms?

— Lorraine Chow

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