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6 More Things You Never Knew About WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan

Sun, May 20, 2012 6:38pm EDT by Russ Weakland Add first Comment

Tonight is all about WWE’s PPV Over The Limit in Raleigh, NC, May 20. So when had the chance to speak with WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan we made sure to say YES! Not only did we talk to him about tonights HUGE WWE Championship bout against WWE Champion CM Punk, but we also learned six NEW things about the WWE Superstar!

Nothing will ever prepare you for the WWE, it is entertainment at its best. So when had the opportunity to speak with WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan about his career, his favorite Hollywood actress, The Miz being in the next Marine film and so much more we didn’t hesitate and instantly said Yes!

1. You have had a storied history with CM Punk in the past, what is this match at Over The Limit going to bring differently than previous encounters?

Daniel Bryan – “This is going to be the biggest match the two of us has ever had. It is for the WWE Championship, and the other matches haven’t really been this big as its the main event of a PPV! I think you can expect that we will pull out all the stops to try to win. I think that is the type of attitude we both have to make it an exciting match!”

2. During WrestleMania 28 in Miami your career changed with the “Yes” chants. It is now a pop culture phenomenon, can you talk a little more about the impact of the chants to your career?

Daniel Bryan – “Yeah, its a little bit surreal! (Laughter) I never heard anybody consider it a pop cultural phenomenon before but to describe it as that is kind of funny to think that I started anything that could be considered a pop culture phenomenon. I mean I am the least pop culture person I know, so its sometime surreal!

3. Speaking of Pop Culture, when you have the chance to make a film with WWE Studios, what kind of film would you like to be involved in? Who would your leading lady be to have a on scene kiss with?

Daniel Bryan – “Gosh, If I was able to doa WWE Film I would like to do a film where it would take me to a really cool place and let me be there for like six weeks! Ted DiBiase got to go to I think Thailand for the Marine 2 filming, and to go to a place like that for six weeks and be in this cool atmosphere, especially being a place that you’ll never see again in your life, I think that would be awesome! And Meg Ryan from When Harry Met Sally is probably my ideal woman, as sad and as horrible as that may sound. But maybe that is because I don’t often watch many movies. But I just saw that show, The New Girl with Zooey Deschanel and she is very cute and quirky which is my kind of thing!”

4. Speaking of the Marine franchise, What do you think The Miz will bring to the films? You two have had quite the interesting history to say the least..

Daniel Bryan – “It is very difficult for me to believe that The Miz will be any sort of Marine, he just doesn’t strike me as Marine like!”

5. This upcoming fall Dancing With The Stars is having an all star edition, should Chris Jericho return and would you ever do the show if asked?

Daniel Bryan – “Ok, I never saw a single episode of Chris Jericho on Dancing With The Stars, nor have I seen the show in general. With that said, it would be great if Chris went and did it, and I would love to do it! I have no doubts that dancing is grueling, like I have heard that from everybody and learning to professionally dance is grueling and physically taxing but I would love to do something like that!”

6. On WWE television you are bit of the ladies man, does that rub off when you are off camera?

Daniel Bryan – “I probably wouldn’t say ladies man, I am a very monogamous type person. I’m not one who is always looking for different girls. So I would probably say that it is the opposite of what is true!”

Now you thought it was going to be six things but we have a few added bonuses for you, make sure to check it out below!

Britney Spears will be joining the X-Factor as a judge, how do you think that will go?

Daniel Bryan – “I don’t know much about Britney Spears, but I do know woman in entertainment can be crazy! So I would think since I have heard she has had drug or drinking problems than maybe this is what the TV people want. Its a recipe for disaster, people love crash television. It could be very entertaining!”

So HollywoodLifers, for more on Daniel Bryan and the WWE please visit And make sure you buy WWE’s Over The Limit on Pay-Per View! You won’t be disappointed!

Russ Weakland

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