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Florida Massacre Upate: Neighbors Refused Bleeding Kids Escaping Murderous Mother

Fri, May 18, 2012 10:22am EDT by 15 Comments
Florida Mom Kills Kids and Self

A newly released 911 phone call reveals that neighbors refused to let in the Florida mother’s children into their house before they were called back home, shot, and killed.

The call, released May 16, reveals that the female neighbor was confused about who was doing the shooting and and warned the children not to enter her home. The horrific crime involved Tonya Thomas, 33, who had shot her four children — 17-year-old Pebbles Johnson, 13-year-old Jazlin Johnson, 15-year-old Jaxs Johnson and 12-year-old Joel Johnson — and then took her own life.

According to the 911 call, the confused neighbor said she heard one child say the youngest child shot their mother, according to a CBS News report.

“Get back, you’re not coming in our house,” she said in the recording.

The caller’s husband grabbed the phone and told the dispatcher that the children were trying to break down the door of their house but refused help because he thought someone was armed.

“I don’t know who has the gun, so I’m not walking out there,” he said to the dispatcher. “I’m armed but not going out there and putting myself in danger.”

The children went back to their home when Tanya called for them to come back. She then fatally shot them.

The neighbors called the police when they heard gun shots next door and went downstairs to and witnessed the gruesome crime: “The boy’s in our front yard — get him a towel — he’s got blood on his right side,” said the female caller in the dispatch.

When deputies arrived at  Tanya’s home, they found that she had shot herself, and her four children.

Authorities said the mother had no motive for the killings and are not sure why the children followed the mother’s orders to return to their house.

Florida Mom Kills Kids — Shoots 4 Children, Turns Gun On Herself


— Lorraine Chow

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