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'Revenge' Recap: A Tragic Death & A Surprise Kiss Changes Everything

Wed, May 16, 2012 11:47pm EDT by 6 Comments

Emily had her sights set on the white-haired man on the May 16 episode of ‘Revenge,’ and she won’t give up until this man — who murdered her father — is dead!

Because Charlotte’s (Christa B. Allen) been having pill problems lately, she was on lockdown this week’s Revenge, and her therapist suggested family therapy. I can’t even begin to picture the Graysons going through family therapy. Conrad (Henry Czerny) would probably show up with Lydia (Amber Valletta) since she’s obviously back in the picture, and Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) would call in back-up from the government agents investigating her ex-husband’s involvement in the terrorist attack.

My guess is that Charlotte would come out of therapy much worse off than she is now. Like expected, the family session turned into an argument between Conrad and Victoria. I mean, she did steal every piece of evidence linking everyone involved to the terrorist attack, and she handed that evidence over to Daniel (Joshua Bowman). Now he must make a decision about what to do with it — unless Emily (Emily VanCamp) gets her hands on it first).

After being behind bars, Daniel’s concerned about his image, so his and Emily’s wedding may be a chance for him to finally give everyone the spectacle they’ve been waiting to see. However, Emily’s thoughts were elsewhere. Because Daniel arranged for Ashley (Ashley Madekwe) to help with wedding plans, Emily was stuck at home when she was supposed to be keeping a watchful eye on the white-haired man — so she hired her right-hand man Nolan (Gabriel Mann) for the job!

Emily was fully prepared to kill the man who murdered her father, but her true friend led her to the wrong address, postponing the man’s agony for a bit longer. Fortunately, Nolan — dressed as a cable guy — installed cameras so Emily could keep track of her enemy.

Daniel tried to bribe Jack (Nick Wechsler) with $1 million to keep his mouth shut about the night on the beach. It was expected that Jack would be on cloud nine with all that money he planned to use to start a charity. Sadly, his dog Sammy — OK, he’s technically Emily‘s dog — was in his worst shape possible after all those years. They finally said goodbye to the friend that once linked them in the past, and they sealed that goodbye… with a kiss! It’s probably more important to note that Ashley was watching from outside the window. Emily is usually one step ahead of everyone; she really should have know someone was watching!

After all was said and done, it seemed like the white-haired man was one step ahead of his stalkers, because he got his hands on Nolan at the end of the episode!

The earth-shattering, incredible, too-intense-for-words finale is next week! Do you think Daniel hand over the evidence to his father? What do you hope the future holds for Emily and Jack? And are you hoping to see Emily finally kill her father’s murderer? Leave us a comment with your thoughts and theories below!

— Jaymie Bailey