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'America's Got Talent' Recap: Granny G & Turf Steal The Show

Tue, May 15, 2012 10:54pm EDT by 9 Comments
Americas Got Talent Grandma 2012

The second night of the ‘America’s Got Talent’ season premiere upped the ante in even more exciting and unexpected ways. Whether you were a fan of concept painters or extreme contortionists, there was something for everyone to dig into.

Much like last night’s episode, Howard Stern did not hesitate to deliver pointed and truthful critiques to over two dozen hopefuls featured in the telecast. Rounding out the panel, Sharon Osbourne and Howie Mandel continued to motivate the truly talented individuals and (gently) crushed the dreams of others. With the help of Nick Cannon, the two-hour episode did not disappoint — as the show traveled to San Francisco!

So, let’s get to it, shall we?

Day 3 – San Francisco Auditions:

Daivd Garibaldi and His CMYK’s, Ages 26-30 – Concept Painters/Dancers
The routine began with David and a solid black canvas. His fellow dancers worked the stage around him and took turns splashing colorful paint onto the canvas. Their creation slowly emerged: a portrait eerily similar to Howard. There was a mixture of showmanship and talent. It is great to see talented artists do well on a national competition show.

(Great opening to the show!)

Mister Special, 57 – Entertainer
He was dressed as an angry bird. Hilarious! He wheeled out onto the stage on a little red trike as he blew a trumpet. The audience quickly began booing him. (Not fans, obviously) “Don’t be afraid to be who you are,” he told the crowd. Howie was hoping that there was more to the act, but unfortunately, that was it. Next!

Montage #1:
Jugglers on Stilts
Suitcase-toting Musicians
Gold Bodies
Girl on Floor Playing French Horn
Martian Man

Kim McAfee, 42 – Singer
She had a great back and forth conversation with the panel, so I was hoping she was going to be awesome. However, she came off as a bad pop-opera singer. She seemed like a great girl, but no talent whatsoever. Howard let her down easy, and she took the rejection really well.

Christin Sandu, 17 – Performer/Balancer
Shirtless, he came out on stage and immediately, I assumed he was a joke. He’s a balancer and he used his metal cylinder props to build an uneven tower. You could feel the tension building in the room. (I know I was cringing on my couch.) Luckily, he proved victorious, and the crowd went wild. Very talented. Howie was worried that he is not quite a million dollar act. Sharon loved the sense of danger.

(Well, she’s not the only one)

LCD – Lisa Clark Dancers
They’ve been trained in a myriad of dance styles. Decked out in all black with white gloves, they performed to a lovely classical piece. Some of their movements were a bit choppy, but they added a pinch of comedy that was fantastic and sent them over the top. Howard pointed out how well they crafted together so many different styles.

Montage #2:
Magician and Pianist Duo (They sawed someone in half!)
Teen Singer (She sang Christina Aguilera’s “Voice Within.”)
Mike the Juggler (He juggled and balanced a bowling pin on his chin, nose, forehead and behind. Oh my!)

Dave Burleigh – Comedian/Impressionist
He presented his spot-on impressions of Jack Black, Charlie Sheen, Bruce Willis and Vince Vaughn — among others. He had a great command of the stage, and his transitions between impressions were smooth. “The key to moving on is really good material,” Howie advised him. He was definitely one of the more entertaining acts of the evening.

Luiz Menaghin, 54 – Nurse
He has been singing for about 10 years. Being from Brazil, his backstory was a tad heavy. I was skeptical going into his audition. However, he totally impressed me as he pulled out a soaring opera song. (His accent is a bit thick, so I missed the title). He’s the male version of Susan Boyle. By far, the one of the best unexpected surprise tonight.

Granny G, 80 – Former Real Estate Broker
She entered the stage with her walker — so inspiring. She shared her opinions on family values in a mixture of rapping and stand up. Hilarious! She even broke out some rockin’ dance moves. She rapped about “horny” men needing to be “real” men. She later revealed that she wrote the entire thing herself. “I’m writing one for girls and it’s gonna be so hot,” she declared.

(Can she be my grandmother already?!?!)

Kotton Kandy, 47 – Entertainer
It was like Cirque du Soliel gone wild! He bumped and grinded in so many vulgar ways. He did have great energy wasn’t afraid to bare it all for the crowd. He wore a large pink headdress, a bedazzled bra (with accompanying tassels), and carried a pink boa. Too much!

(I may need to go to the eye doctor after that one!)

Montage #3:
Uniformed Motorcylists
Cowgirl with Dog
“Geisha” Dancer/Stripper
Janitor Turned Musician – (His broom and dustpan turned into a instruments!)

Tim Hockenberry, 49 – Singer
He sat at a keyboard and delivered a raspy version of Joe Cocker’s “You are So Beautiful.” From the first line, he drew in the crowd with his emotionally-charged performance. As far as singers are concerned, he is one of the best singers in the competition. “You are a phenomenal talent,” Howie gushed.

(Just a note: I loved that “Falling Slowly” played over his pre- and post-performance packages)

Funk Beyond Control , Ages 12-15 – Dancers
This group was, perhaps, the best dance group the show has seen this season (so far). Their moves were “funky,” coordinated and their timing was near perfect. Midway through, they ripped off their red vests and worked the stage to the Pussycat Dolls’ “When I Grow Up.” So fun and so much energy! A highlight of the night, for sure. “I thought you were real compelling,” Howard said.

Montage #4:
The Emily Ann Band (They rocked Britney Spears’ “Toxic.” So good!)
Kellan the Comedian
Martial Arts Line-Dance Studio

“Turf,” 21 – Extreme Contortionist
Body tricks can either go one of two ways: totally awesome or totally bad. He was mindblowing! After stripping off his shirt, he contorted across the stage to The Black Eyed Peas’ “Boom Boom Pow.” He flipped his arm over his back and popped his joints. Intense!

Best Acts of the Night:
Granny G
Funk Beyond Control

Honorable Mention:
Tim Hockenberry

Acts Voted to Vegas:
David Garibaldi and His CMYK’s
Cristin the Balancer
Lisa Clark Dancers
Teen Singer
Mike the Juggler
Dave Burleigh
Luiz Menaghin
Granny G
Janitor Turned Musician
Tim Hockenberry
Funk Beyond Control
The Emily Ann Band
Kellan the Comedian
Martial Arts Line-Dance Studio

What were YOUR favorite acts of the night? Drop us a comment with your thoughts on tonight’s episode!

— Jason Scott