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Should Katy Perry Take Russell Brand Back?

Mon, May 14, 2012 6:42pm EDT by 5 Comments
Russell Brand and Katy Perry Back Together

Relationship expert Diana Falzone tells that Russell and Katy may have settled their divorce too quickly back in February, now that Russell is having second thoughts about his decision.

Katy Perry and Russell Brand signed their divorce papers Feb. 7. However, Russell has had a change of heart.

Allegedly he has written his ex-wife an email saying he made a terrible mistake.  If Katy was to consider reconciliation with her former hubby, the two would need to have a serious, in-depth discussion about what went wrong so they can figure out how to make it right.

Supposedly, there were rumors that Russell grew tired of Katy’s party-girl ways while Katy feared Russell could be cheating.  These two supposed issues must be hashed out.  Trust is the foundation to a relationship, without it a couple is doomed to fail.

Katy has to figure out if her trust issues with Russell are valid or if her fears are simply insecurities.

If Katy truly believes Russell is allergic to monogamy then she should not give him another chance. After all, infidelty in a marriage is vow dealbreaker.

As for Russell, Katy will have to limit her wild night outs if she wants to appease her ex.

The bottom line is that these two rushed into their divorce. Their relationship problems seem to be fixable. I advise for any couple that is considering separation to seek marital counseling first.

Divorce should always be a last option otherwise you could end up regretting it like Russell.

Diana Falzone

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