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Kody Brown: You Blew Off Wife #3 Christine's Marriage Concerns

Mon, May 14, 2012 7:52pm EDT by Bonnie Fuller 38 Comments
Kody Brown Sister Wives Fight

Kody, when you married wife No. 4 Robyn, it understandably sent Christine into fits of jealousy. But now you’re refusing to repair your relationship with Christine — and that’s irresponsible!

Kody Brown, it’s bad enough that you feel entitled to have multiple wives and 17 kids, featuring them all on your TLC show Sister Wives — which returned May 13 — but if you have taken on the responsibility of “marrying” and keeping four wives happy, you can’t blithely blow off the deep marital concerns of one of your wives, like you did to Christine on the season premiere.

I felt sorry for Christine, the mother of six of your children, including 2-year-old baby Truely. For many years, she was your newest and youngest wife. Who could blame her for being green with envy when, while she was pregnant with YOUR baby, you were romancing and PDA-ing with a younger woman Robyn — who you then married just after Christine gave birth?

Instead of you focusing, as you should have, on the birth of little Truely and lavishing attention on Christine who was coping with her newborn, you took off on a two-month honeymoon with Robyn. It’s a miracle Christine didn’t throw in the towel on the Sister Wives!

On last night’s episode, Christine revealed her marriage to Kody is in a bad way. They aren’t even working on it anymore; It’s at a standstill, and she’s just hoping time will heal it.

Kody finally gave Christine a few minutes to talk. He looked like a school boy who had been misbehaving as he gave her a grin and said, “What are we going to work on? Communication?”

Christine replied to that setback, “It would be a good place to start.” Then when Kody accused her of being afraid to spend time together, she admitted her deepest and loneliest fear:

“I don’t think you want to be with me at all,” she said. It was a real moment of truth. She feels abandoned by you, Kody!

Kody, you claimed you were excited to go to her house to see her, but then there was tension. Hmm… I wonder why? Could it have to do with you bringing another woman into your life as a supplanter?

Christine pointed out, “You can’t wait until the last possible minute and then leave as fast as you can.”

But instead of responding thoughtfully, Kody, you just started making excuses: “We’ve been busy a lot lately.”

Yes, Kody, of course you have been busy, you have four wives to take care of fiscally and emotionally and 17 children. You decided it was God’s mission for you to take that on. But you willingly took it on and now Christine is hurting as any normal woman would who has to share her husband with three other wives — she feels neglected.

“But if we don’t work on our relationship and we just ignore each other and play on our phones when we are together….” Christine replied.

Kody, you couldn’t wait to end that minimal heart to heart! As soon as Christine admitted to play the part in your marital issues, which was big of her, you did your mischievous littly boy jump hypen up thing.

You hopped up, hugged her, kissed her quickly, said “I love you,” and then you just walked off and left her devastated and hanging.

She and her marriage have been royally blown off on national TV.

Gee, Kody, have you ever wondered why all of your wives pooled their money to buy you a high powered gun for Christmas? Could there be a little hostility going on there?

— Bonnie Fuller


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