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Kris Jenner: You're Cruel To Khloe Kardashian By Pushing Her To Get A DNA Test

Mon, May 14, 2012 11:43am EDT by Bonnie Fuller 71 Comments
Khloe Kardashian Father

Kris Jenner – a normal mother would NEVER have written a book about cheating on her husband, let alone fueled her daughter Khloe’s insecurity by trying to force her to get a DNA test.

Hooray for Khloe Kardashian-Odom for forcefully standing up to you, her fame – addicted mom, Kris Jenner and refusing to give in to your selfish prodding to find out if she’s a true Kardashian.

“Wouldn’t it make you feel better if you had a DNA test,” you, Kris Jenner,  confronted Khloe on last night, May 13th’s finale of Khloe & Lamar, while she was trying to prep for her big Cosmopolitan magazine cover shoot. “There has to be a part of you that wants resolution in your heart.”

Hollywoodlifers – were you clapping for Khloe like me, as she stood up to her mother, Kris, and said “no!”

Even after you, Kris pushed her again: “Are you sure?” Khloe was strong. “I don’t care either way cause my dad is my dad and my stepdad is my stepdad.”

Good for you Khloe – that’s so true. Your dear father Robert Kardashian loved you to bits and never questioned your DNA, despite the fact that he was hugely aware of his wife Kris’ cheating. It didn’t matter to him if you were biologically his or not.

Khloe – you were completely right to blame your mother for setting off hurtful tabloid stories about your true parentage. “My mom’s book (Kris Jenner and All Things Kardashian, published Nov. 1, 2011) opened up a can of worms for people to have their opinions. I’m not mad at her but I need time to think. I don’t want to get sucked into the Kris Jenner crazy train.”

Strangely for a woman who purports to care about her family and children above all else, Kris Jenner, you revealed and went into intimate detail, about your torrid affair with a younger man while you were still married to Robert Kardashian in your book, no matter how that might embarrass or hurt your children. “In her book, she says she had an affair around the time she was 30 – hello, that’s the year, I was born,” a hurt and annoyed Khloe reveals.

Sadly, Kris’ daugthers Kourtney and Kim are too eager to chime in, telling Khloe that she should get a DNA test. “You’d feel better, it would put your mind at ease,” if you had the DNA test, Kourtney tells Khloe.

Even, Rob teases Khloe, telling her they had a family meeting where they talked about Khloe getting a DNA test.

In any case Kris – you’ve been the total instigator of Khloe’s misery, starting with revealing your affair to the world and then urging your other daugthers to be your DNA test surrogates. “Wouldn’t you just want to know 100%, because mom is saying it’s a good idea so we never have to worry about this again, Kourtney pesters Khloe.”

Kris – why would YOU be worried? Why should Khloe worry? These questions should have been kept completely to yourself. A normal mother wouldn’t have said a word, period. But if something did ever become public, a normal loving mother would have reassured her daughter that she was her father’s daughter, would have dismissed the rumors as nonsense, and simply would have told her daughter that she loved her and her father loved her and her DNA was totally irrevelant! Enough! No DNA tests!

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Only Khloe’s best friend Malika Haqq and Khloe’s husband Lamar, totally and unconditionally support her. “You don’t need proof of the love of your father and nothing can change that, not even DNA,” Malika wisely counsels Khloe.

As for Lamar, his unselfish, non-fame-fueled love, is the opposite of Kris’ desire to find storylines for Khloe & Lamar, no matter how hurtful to Khloe. “I hate to see Khloe like that (so upset). It’s important for us to stay strong for one another. I need to be a good husband, be thoughtful and let her know how grateful I am,” Lamar says to comfort her, before smothering Khloe in kisses.

In contrast, Kris, you didn’t even give Khloe a hug. But you did ensure big sales for your own book.

Your daughter Khloe showed way more maturity, saying she was 100% comfortable NOT getting a DNA test and “knowing that my father is my father and living with that for the rest of my life.”

UPDATE: Khloe Kardashian’s REAL Father Revealed — Truth Uncovered Through Paternity Test On ‘KUWTK’

Kris, being a momager and lining your own and your daughters’ bank accounts is great. But sometimes, just being an unconditionally loving mom is WAY more important!

Bonnie Fuller


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