Missing Girl Isabel Celis' Brothers Removed From Their Father's Care

Sun, May 13, 2012 4:00pm EDT by 11 Comments
Isabel Celis Abduction Update

Arizona Child Protective Services removed the brothers of missing Tucson girl Isabel Celis from their father’s care on May 11, soon after it was revealed that police have spent $1 million searching for Isabel since she disappeared on April 21.

Child Protective Services in Arizona removed the two older brothers of missing girl Isabel Celis from their father’s care on May 11 and sent the boys, Julian, 10, and Sergio, 14, to live with their mother, Becky.

CPS decided to remove the boys from their father’s care after a consultation with police, the Daily Mail reports. Police have declined to provide any further details as to what brought them to this decision.

Isabel, 6, disappeared from her father Sergio‘s home on April 21, when he reported her missing and told police he went to wake her up for school and did not find her in bed.

Investigators have not taken anyone in the Celis family off the suspect list. Isabel’s parents have taken a lie detector test, but its results have not been made public.

The investigation into Isabel’s disappearance has cost the Tucson Police Department more than $1 million over the past three weeks.

What do YOU think about this heart-wrenching case, HollyMoms?

– Kaydi Poirier

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Posted at 4:10 PM on October 22, 2013  

iPRAY aZ. cps IS BETTER THAN THEY WERE TO ME. i KEEP THINKING ABOUT THE WAY MY SISTER WAS TRUCK STOLEN FROM AND ALL MY STOLEN id AND MEDICAL RECORDS FOR ca, mi, fla, IN,and arizona and wondering with my former 911 supervisoer sister and dad if these records aren’t missing to rpomote kidnapping and drug war here int he State like over the otehr side of the pond. I heart appeared in the bathroom at our local park like her’s and it said “Tessa and Sergio” I thought kind of odd as most people would think a couiple and mine was when I lost my first cat to a drunk driver I was her age and my cat at her same age is named Tessa and her Daddy -just Jeremy Jordan why I would think this serendipitous?????California being Jackson-Bono bioweapons uncompliant means these kids can be life support theft covered and I keep a hope that Health Net and others can fix this so she is found. Love to you Whitewolf!

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adam forney

Posted at 6:20 PM on June 24, 2012  

i wanna sue the child serivices they cant take her brothers away just because poor little isabels missing they have no right of that

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Just Sayin

Posted at 7:53 PM on June 2, 2012  

I feel that the dad does know where she is,,and staged an abduction,,and she was probly in her room till her mother went to work,,,it took place on a Sat. for a reason,,,,that reason being there were others involved.,,pray they find her,,,i think she is alive and put somewhere….maybe a debt of some sort. she is a very pretty girl,,GOD BLESS HER for her safe return.

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adam forney

Posted at 6:25 PM on June 24, 2012  

no your soooooooooo wrong that never happened you of all people dont know anything about her your pretty stupid

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Posted at 4:15 PM on May 15, 2012  

I live 15 minutes from Isa’s home… I have watched this story close since the day the news reported it. Being a mother to two boys i hurt so much for that family. I have no doubt that the father knows where his daughter is… He is very “off” in his emotions towards this situation. I get that everyone handles things differently, but to chuckle while on the phone with the 911 operator, to get angry when accused (thats what cheating/lying men do!), i just dont get it… I am sorry, but if my kid went missing, i wouldnt be at concerts, charity events, softball tournaments, id be at home by the phone, researching, driving up and down tucson, contacting people in Mexico….. One bit of info that is wrong in this article is that he never stated he woke her up for school… He was going to wake her up for her baseball game… I know someone who has voiced that she knows a family member who has stated that the father has been into drugs. I wouldnt be surprised to find her in Mexico, like she was a payment for something. It breaks my heart, and i cannot wait to find out where she is. Poor baby : /

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adam forney

Posted at 6:30 PM on June 24, 2012  

i know right i feel sorry for when she returns she’ll probably be the only child

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Posted at 8:22 PM on May 14, 2012  

Yeah! I think the father knows what happend to his daughter and he is just acting like he doesnt know. Police department have to do different things to really no what happend to Isabel. TPD SHOULD TRY TO CONFUSED BOTH OF THE PARENTS OR AT LEAST THE DAD!

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Teen Mom

Posted at 9:21 AM on May 14, 2012  

Hopefully the Lie Decator test come back to tell if the father killed her or of someone kidnapped her. This is what baby Lisa’s mother and father should take to find find out about what happened to her.

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chase williams

Posted at 5:34 PM on May 13, 2012  

You have many things wrong. The boys were living with both parents, and now they are not able to live or see the dad. Isabel went missing Sat morning, so no one was waking her for school. She was supposed to go to a little league game.

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Posted at 4:37 PM on May 13, 2012  

It’s sad that the father is acting like he don’t know what happen to that lil girl. I THINK HE’S HIDING SOMETHING

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Posted at 8:03 AM on May 15, 2012  

I think it’s sad everyone always blamed the dad automatically I’m a dad and would be crushed by something like this then make it where I can’t see my other 2 children as well I wouldn’t know what to do they should show evidence against him before this could imagine being in his shoes losing all your children

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