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'Vampire Diaries': Elena Needs To Be With Damon Not Stefan

Fri, May 11, 2012 11:52am EDT by Bonnie Fuller 241 Comments
Vampire Diaries Finale

Elena chose Stefan over Damon into be her lover in the final minutes of last night’s ‘Vampire Diaries’ season finale, but she chose the wrong man for all the wrong reasons!

Here’s the bottom line about Elena: she hates to hurt ANYONE! She’s such a mush-ball she even has stood up to and developed feelings of affection for evil original vampire, Klaus, who tried to kill her!

Elena is also a girl with serious martyrdom issues. How many times has she offered to sacrifice herself to save someone else – her sister, her brother, Stefan. So if she’s willing to sacrifice her life to protect someone she loves AND she hates to hurt anyone’s feelings, no wonder she’s willing to choose the Salvatore brother, who she thinks needs her the most – Stefan – even if she doesn’t love him as much as his bro – Damon.

Elena’s love choice in my opinion was a sympathy decision. She feels obligated to Stefan. He was her first vampire love. He’s been through hell and more, being compelled to go back to evil, human-killing vampire ways by the original vampire Elijah. Elena, believes that Stefan NEEDS her more and that he’ll be more hurt by being rejected by her, than will Damon.

So Elena is sacrificing her own feelings of deep and erotic attraction to Damon, because she is such a good girl, who is willing to put herself last.

But of course, it’s a huge mistake. Yes she does love Stefan. Elena is a genuine loving young woman and she has deep feeling for Stefan but I’d guess that these have become more like love for a brother or best friend feelings than love for a longterm lover.

The problem is as we all know; you really can’t have a whole-hearted long term love affair with your guy best friend. Bella learned that in Twilight when she had to make her equally tough choice to commit to Edward over Jacob.

Elena, no matter how much you deny it, you NEED to be with the brother that you are passionately attracted to and long to be with – if only your guilt wasn’t holding you back.

Elena, you must get over your enormous and self destructive guilt trip. Especially, now that you’re a vampire with all eternity ahead of you – you must be with your real true love and the brother you’re passionately  and erotically attracted to! And no question about it – it’s Damon.

What do you think, Hollywoodlife Vampire Diaries lovers?

— Bonnie Fuller


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