Snooki Confirms: I Will Film My Wedding & Be On Season Six Of 'Jersey Shore'

Fri, May 11, 2012 5:38pm EST by 12 Comments
Snooki Jersey Shore spoke to the Jersey Shore star who told us all about her upcoming wedding to fiance Jionni LaValle and revealed just how she’ll shoot season six while pregnant!

Pregnancy won’t slow Snooki down! caught up with Snooki on May 11 and asked her the questions that everyone has been dying to know. Will the mommy-to-be film her upcoming ‘I’do’s with Jionni LaValle? You better believe it!

“The fans see so much that it only makes sense to film and have them watch my wedding,” she says. “It also depends on how Jionni feels about it and he is still getting to used to all this attention. But if he says yes, then I’m all for it!”

Snooki says that they had to change things around in their upcoming spinoff with JWoww when they discovered Snooki was pregnant.

“When we thought about our spinoff we wanted season three to be like our bucket list,” she tells us. “And go sky diving and when you’re pregnant you can’t do those things. It’s real and you’ll see what’s going on in our lives.”

As for whether she’ll join her the rest of the cast at the shore this summer to film season six, the star had a lot to say:

“I mean as of right now I don’t know where I’m staying or what my involvement will be,” she says. “I want to do it but in the healthiest way possible. It will be totally different but I couldn’t imagine not being a part of it in some way.”

Snooki’s new book Gorilla Beach hits shelves May 15 and the premiere of Snooki & JWoww is June 21 on MTV!

— Chloe Melas

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Posted at 7:48 PM on May 27, 2012  

hey people hatin on snooki.if your going to be like that your stupid ok if you dont like her well dont bother reading her articles.or are you jealous because her lifes going better than yours.btw shes stopped drinking and is living in a seperate house for the season so how is sh a bad you snooki :D

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Jionni is a sucker.

Posted at 1:12 AM on May 24, 2012  

Jionni is the biggest sucker after all. The fact Snooki cried and was so guilty about having sex with two of her roommates is just funny, she had sex with Vinny and only admitted it because it was on the show, but she couldn’t admit she did it again because that was when she was actually dating Jionni… plus it was off-cameras so she thought she could get away with it. No one can be THAT stupid, Jionni clearly loves Nicole, fro mthe fact she is such a whore bag. I’m seriously surprised she is pregnant, thought he would have realize what a cheating slut she is by now. Love is a blind ho.

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Posted at 11:12 PM on May 16, 2012  

I cant wait to see season 6.!Lts gonna be wild.! Watch outbaby snooks is coming through.!

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Posted at 3:52 PM on May 13, 2012  

I can’t wait I am so excited t

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Posted at 2:28 PM on May 12, 2012  

Funny she talks stuff about other mothers being terrible. What she is saying about them is true but hello look in the mirror your gonna be on the jersey shore when your pregnant.. Its a party house.. BAD MOM ALERT!!!! I love jersey shore but for her to go on there pregnant really.. smh.. shows what kind of mom she will be…

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Posted at 2:41 PM on May 12, 2012  


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Posted at 1:03 PM on June 15, 2012  

Will she still be preggers then???? If not, wats d problem!!! It’s her life, study how you will change yours for ur kids!!!

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Posted at 7:49 AM on May 12, 2012  

Look at her ear .. wtf PhotoShop much ????

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Posted at 9:28 PM on May 11, 2012  

I’m going to watch it so excited!! :)

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Posted at 7:06 PM on May 11, 2012  

Awsome, can not wait, NOT! Piece of reality trash that has no talents, like the Teen Moms and Kate Gosselins (child exploitation) of the reality world that just will not go away.

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Posted at 9:48 PM on June 11, 2012  

why does it matter to you ? is it your life ? No. Its hers so get over it, i dont understand why peple care so much she’s pregnant, you act like shes retarded, they let trashy ghetto scum have babies that cant afford it and suck every last penny from the goverment. Atleast she’ll be able to afford her son and he’ll have a good life style. get over yourself

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Posted at 1:01 PM on June 15, 2012  

@ Jeanine,,,,, and yet still you will tune in to watch….. woowwww…. dat makes sense!!!!! Not!!!

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