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Kris Humphries Disses Kanye West In Funny Or Die Video

Fri, May 11, 2012 9:17am EDT by 14 Comments

Kris Humphries meets with a new talent agency to get a makeover because he’s ‘the most hated player in the NBA’! Read on to watch this hilarious video! But beware of explicit content ahead…

Kris Humphries’ face on toilet paper, urinal cakes and punching bags are among the many suggestions this “second rate talent agency” suggests Kris needs for his hilarious new makeover!

This super funny video portrays Kris as the most hated player in the NBA and these agents want to keep up that image by making him look like a “douchebag.”

And when it’s time to give him a full-on makeover, Kris suggests wearing Kanye West’s trademark shutter glasses! But the agents say they don’t want him to look like an “asshole” — just a “douchebag.”


Watch the video and weigh in below!

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