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Kody Brown: Your Claim That You Might Be FORCED To Take A 5th Wife Is Ridiculous

Thu, May 10, 2012 12:40pm EDT by Bonnie Fuller 41 Comments
Kody Brown Fifth Wife

Come on Sister Wives’ Kody Brown! I respect that we all have individual religious beliefs but you have to put your other four wives and 17 children first!Watch these videos below.

Kody Brown is appearing on Anderson Cooper‘s show today claiming that he has a “higher calling” that may force him to marry a fifth wife even if he feels “maxed out” right now.

Puhleeze Kody Brown! I’ve heard some laughable things said in the name of religion but this has to be right up at the top. Are you actually trying to convince sane people that the Lord himself is fixated on making you “marry,” have sex and have children with a fifth wife? Come on. God has better things to do than giving you an excuse to impregnate another woman. I highly doubt that your ability to get into heaven is based on you taking a fifth wife. Kody is a member of the Apostolic United Brethren.

Kody, you looked really pained on Anderson Cooper whining about how “I don’t want to take another wife. I am not interested in that but there is a requirement, let’s say I answer to a higher calling, and if that requirement comes along and I have a choice in it, then I will do it.”

Geez, Kody. You’ll force yourself to fulfill your “higher calling” by enjoying a fifth woman’s bed.

Kody, what you really should be focusing on and what should be your higher calling is fixing your 3rd marriage to Christine, which she reveals is on the rocks. “Our relationship is at a standstill. We’re just letting it sit and kind of hoping things will get better but we’re not really working on it and that’s hard,” Christine admits in a preview for Sister Wives next season, starting on Sunday, May 13. “Right now we’re just hoping that time will fix it.”

Well Kody – instead of wondering whether you’re ready to take a fifth wife, live up to your marriage vows and concentrate on fixing your relationship with Christine, who is also mother to six of your 17 children.”

Isn’t that most important of all, Kody!

Bonnie Fuller

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