Russell Brand Admits Divorce Mistake — Wants Katy Perry Back

Tue, May 8, 2012 6:23pm EST by 7 Comments
Russell Brand  Katy Perry Divorce Regrets

A report claims Russell Brand couldn’t stand seeing Katy Perry in the arms of another man and sent her an email admitting he ‘gave up’ on their marriage too quickly! Do YOU think they’ll end up back together?

Once Katy Perry and Russell Brand‘s relationship started going sour, it took a turn for the! In fact, it seemed like all it took was one major fight before they had filed for divorce back in January. However, there’s a new report that Russell is regretting his decision. Should he try to get her back?

A source told Grazia Daily the 37-year-old actor was “seething with jealously” after seeing pics of Katy, 27, hanging out with Robert Ackroyd from Florence and the Machine at Coachella last month.

“He apparently feels he gave up on their relationship too easily,” the source said. “It’s fair to say that Russell only wishes Katy happiness but perhaps he should have realised just how special his wife was when he was married to her rather than five months later.”

As we told you first, Katy and Russell’s relationship started to fall to pieces in large part because of her tour, which she was on for most of their 14 month marriage. To add to it, Russell is a recovering addict who was looking for a wife, while Katy was living the life of a rock star.

Do you think Russell should try to win Katy back, or is their relationship done for good? Should they give each other another chance?

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I love Katy Perry sooo much!!!

Posted at 7:58 PM on July 7, 2012  

Of course he should try to get such a girl back, but she would have to be SUCH AN IDIOT to take him back. I hope he goes home and cries for what he did to her. Katy is beaitiful and amazing

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Posted at 2:00 PM on June 12, 2012  

Who wants a whiney little boy for a husband? Katy, if he can suddenly drop you like that, make it easy on both of you and move on. Get a real man – someone who doesn’t try to stifle your career, and who appreciates you and doesn’t childishly cut off communication because they’re having a tantrum like a five-year-old. Russell is lucky someone married his sleezy self to begin with! He should have held on to Katy. But as usual, men only realize what they had when it’s too late. Run, Katy! And don’t look back!

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Posted at 11:57 AM on May 9, 2012  

Russell, you chose your sobriety over a woman who never respected you. Remember that she was bragging she was drunk at the VMAs in front of you. Don’t change your mind. You deserve better.

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Posted at 11:53 AM on May 9, 2012  

I don’t believe the tabloids with unnamed sources. I wish it was true, because I loved them together, but I know it isn’t. I’m taking Russell’s side after the divorce because I don’t like all this trashing of Russell from Perry’s side and all that flaunting of her new man at the Coachella festival.

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Posted at 9:38 AM on May 9, 2012  

If she’s smart, she’ll SPAM him.

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Posted at 9:33 PM on May 8, 2012  

if he wanted a ‘wife’ not a rock star he shouldn’t have proposed to her while her career was booming did he think she’d just give it all up and go into hiding n live a normal life? they should’ve talked about it before marrying. people these days don’t talk about the future – what each other is ultimately looking for they just jump in. they also just jump out because of a fight. he said barely a month before filing for divorce that his vows meant something- then why so quick to divorce not go to counseling or do something to save the marriage?!

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Posted at 8:02 PM on May 8, 2012  

Oh well, that’s the way it goes, alway’s sorry but too lazy to change. Such a shame. Could be a half decent person if he was willing to disipline himself, maybe then he could have everything he wants.

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