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'Gossip Girl' Recap: Blair Decides To Go To Rome With Dan, Plus 4 More 'OMG' Moments

Tue, May 8, 2012 9:15am EDT by 9 Comments

Le sigh. Dan gets a second chance to go to Rome for a writing program this summer and Blair agrees to join him. But frankly nothing is set in stone until Blair boards that plane! And even then it’s still a gamble.

Plus the real Gossip Girl is back in business and she has her evil eyes set on Queen B which at this point is our only saving grace!

The May 7 Gossip Girl episode began with Blair (Leighton Meester) receiving a call from the prestigious writing program that Dan (Penn Badgley) denied last week. It was then that Blair found out Dan turned down their offer for her which he initially lied to her about. She went to BFF Serena (Blake Lively) — who had her own secret to spill — and then confronted Dan. Dan admitted that he was scared to leave her alone for the summer with Chuck (Ed Westwick), but Blair assured Dan that he had nothing to worry about and that she wanted to go with him which would require a pre-screening interview. But just as Blair was preparing to host the interviewer, Chuck needed her help. And that is something she obviously can’t say no to. But even throughout Blair’s lies, absence and tricks she still gave Dan a final “yes” to a summer in Rome.

Can Chair PLEASE catch a break?!

And here are my ‘OMG’ moments:

#1 Blair helps bring Chuck and Bart back together
Chuck of course had many questions for his father. The story was was we suspected. Bart’s life was seriously threatened therefore he had to go into hiding which is why he ultimately faked his own death. Bart was abroad but only came back when he heard Chuck needed his blood. Chuck wasn’t supposed to find out he was alive and Bart was originally planning on staying in hiding. But Chuck wasn’t going to say goodbye to father AGAIN. He asked Blair for help and together they made it safe again for Bart to be out in public.

#2 Serena Reveals to Blair She was Gossip Girl
S finally admitted to B she was GG for the past couple of months. The only reason Blair was upset was because she didn’t have the chance to be GG herself. S still felt like she owed B so she ended up pretending to be Blair for her meeting with Dan and the interviewer from the writing program. Talk about awkward, but it worked and “Blair” — aka Serena — and Dan are headed to Rome.

#3 Ivy Returns to the UES
Oh Ivy! We knew you couldn’t stay away for long. In order to trap Bart’s potential assassin they needed to lure him in with upscale prostitues. Lola volunteered after messing up the first plan, but they needed another which brought Ivy into the mix. The plan didn’t go as planned when Bart’s potential assassin ended up being Chuck’s private investigator!

#4 Diana Payne Flees Town
Nate faced a difficult decision: expose Diana once and for all or let her be free. He chose the latter. Nate really does have a good heart!

Even though tonight’s episode was a little bit of a disappointment in the #Chair arena, it looks like Blair finally comes to her senses next week. Or doesn’t she? At least her true feeling about Chuck that she’s been keeping cooped up are exposed. And the Harry Winston gem finds its way back to its true owner… fingers crossed on that one!

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