'Sister Wives' Reveal They've Finally Accepted Fourth Wife Robyn

Mon, May 7, 2012 11:20am EST by 9 Comments

Kody Brown and his four wives appeared on GMA on May 7 and all of the wives admitted that all of their jealously over adding a fourth wife was a total waste — read on to find out why!

The Sister Wives are one big happy family. The stars of TLC’s hit show went on GMA to promote their upcoming fourth season of the reality series and they revealed what’s in store. But will there be major cat fights between the three long-time wives and newbie Robyn?

Christine Brown, Kody’s third wife, was the most jealous when Robyn was introduced to the family. But the reality star says that a lot has changed since those days!

“Being a third wife is completely underrated,” Christine says. “I don’t want the guy all to myself! Being married is so much work and have more independence as third.

Kody says that on the upcoming season he hopes to have all the wives live under one roof!

“I want to see all my wives and children every day,” he says. “We live so far away … it’s such a diffcult process. We just need to have the family closer together so the family identity is made closer.”

The new season premieres May 13 on TLC.

— Chloe Melas



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Posted at 1:50 AM on December 3, 2012  

i dont see the big deal as long as he is able to keep them all happy and the kids all seem to be taken care of and cared for and loved so the only reason any of you could be complaining is because you cant even get one person to be with you i think you all are just jealous

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Posted at 8:52 PM on May 12, 2012  

Monogamy is not human nature it is a discipline and if you cannot respect your spouse enough to discipline yourself than you do not deserve respect.

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Posted at 12:22 AM on May 9, 2012  

my mind cannot comprehend how this is legal!!! monogamous marriages are absolutely disgusting, this only works for the husband because he gets to sleep with all these different women!! and these women mustn’t think much of themselves ! sharing a husband, ridiculous!

and theses children growing up thinking this is ok!! not a suitable home for children at all!!!!!!!

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mrs j

Posted at 1:51 AM on May 9, 2012  

I think you meant polygimast. Monogamous means only one partner. The most surprising thing to me is Kody. He presents himself as a very self involved immature male. He is not a good example of what a husband should be, whether it’s one wife or four.

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Posted at 7:28 PM on May 7, 2012  

The women who do this have NO self respect and the man is a disgusting filthy excuse for a man. of course it works in his favor, he screws different women every night. freaking sick, he is a PIG! i feel bad for the innocent children in that horrible situation. just gross !!!

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Posted at 9:35 PM on May 9, 2012  

I think it’s funny that y’all are so ignorant your calling it monogamous. Just because it’s not your cup of tea, don’t judge others. Solomon had 1000 wives.

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Posted at 5:02 PM on May 7, 2012  

Does Cody “favor” Robyn? Or do the show producers because she’s more atractive than the others.

I could completely deal with a setting of two wives and one husband–as long as the wives were friends and enjoyed each other’s company.

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Posted at 12:13 PM on May 7, 2012  

It seems to me with the few episodes I’ve watched that Cody tends to favor Robyn over the other wives period! This is why I could NEVER live that lifestyle, my husband is MINE and I would NEVER share him with another woman! Either these ladies are very strong or very naïve, I have yet to decided which.

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marlene c/

Posted at 7:20 PM on November 26, 2012  

i agree with you its so obvious

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