'Revenge' Recap: Emily Learns A Secret About Her Father's Past

Wed, May 2, 2012 11:47pm EST by 3 Comments

Also, am I the only person who thought #OccupyDaniel should have trended on Twitter tonight?

Daniel Grayson’s (Joshua Bowman) innocence remained in question on the May 2 episode of Revenge — even though someone else admitted to murdering Tyler. While Daniel remained in prison, Charlotte (Christa B. Allen), did a little family research, leading Emily (Emily VanCamp) to a missing journal from the infinity box. And shockingly, Nolan (Gabriel Mann) had been hiding it from her all along! (Now Nolan, you know not to keep secrets from Emily. You’ll eventually regret it.)

Within the journal, David Clarke was revealed to appear paranoid and terrified; he didn’t want his daughter to remember him in that state. Emily stumbled upon the initials CM (or Carole Miller) written by her father, but after cross-referencing records at the hospital, a Carole Miller didn’t exist. A Carole Thomas who matched the description, however, was alive and well, and the woman turned out to have been Conrad’s personal assistant for years.

Naturally, Emily went undercover to get information about Conrad (Henry Czerny) and her father from this woman, who certainly didn’t mind whipping out her shotgun and pointing it at Emily. And as if enough mouths hadn’t dropped already, they certainly did after viewers found out C.M. was Nolan’s aunt! She’d been on David’s side the whole time, investigating Grayson Global from the inside, but Carole didn’t get the chance to help Emily’s dad before he was killed.

All of Daniel’s charges were dropped, and the people of the Hamptons were not happy about it. While her son was being released from jail, Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) was busy exchanging information about flight 197 with Mr. McGowen from the Securities and Exchange Commission. Her information, in exchange for immunity, led him to Grayson Global, and eventually Conrad may be exposed as the mastermind behind the terrorist attack. (My word, the women of the Hamptons are absolute geniuses!)

You know that things are about to get serious in this show when people stare at themselves in the mirror and the violins sound in the background. As Daniel prepared for his interview, he went back and forth between his parents to try to get the truth. Eventually, even though Conrad admitted the whole truth to him, Daniel sided with his father, telling the world in an interview that Conrad was innocent. Ashley (Ashley Madekwe) was fired when she was exposed for leaking pictures of Daniel, but Conrad being the sneaky rich man that he is offered her a Lexus — and a position at Grayson Global. (I seriously liked Ashley… before she slid into that Lexus.)

During a rare mother-daughter bonding moment, Victoria and Charlotte visited David’s grave and found the rose Emily left at the beginning of the episode, leading them to suspect someone had been to the grave site. When asked about her future plans, Emily declared she was going to marry Daniel and kill the man who murdered her father.

The season finale is fast approaching, and I get chills every time I see a new preview. Emily will stop at nothing to avenge her father’s death, and I cannot wait to see more people suffer for what happened to David.

— Jaymie Bailey

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Posted at 10:40 AM on May 3, 2012  

Gotta say – not my favourite hour of the show (Our take here: http://wp.me/p1VQBq-Sr). It feels like it’s spinning its wheels waiting for the finale.

Ashley’s promotion will hopefully get her more involved – I’ve questioned what she adds to the show for almost its entire run, so maybe she can actually DO something in her new role at Grayson Global. Daniel’s decision not to tell the truth: not too surprising considering he has no reason to go against his parents fortunes. If Em was hoping for something more, perhaps she should have given him a strong alternative?

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Posted at 2:47 PM on May 4, 2012  

I think Emily wanted Daniel to make the decision not to be like his parents on his own. That way, she’d know she wasn’t completely wrong in loving him since her feelings have somewhat gotten in the way of her plan.

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Posted at 5:26 AM on May 3, 2012  

I liked this episode very much. I’m glad Ashley is not out of the picture, she can certainly do better than Victoria and I was always hoping she would have an affair with Conrad, don’t ask me why. I really like her but I regret that we do not see more of her.

Daniel is as usual very predictable, he is most certainly the emptiest and shallowest character of this whole series. The more episodes I see and the weaker he seems to me. He has no depth. He only does what he thinks he should do and never what he wants.

I keep disliking Victoria, I don’t think she is that smart and I also think that her plan against Conrad will backfire.

Emily, on the contrary, is THE BEST and by far. I believe she will eventually take this horrible family down (and Daniel with the rest of them of course – without Charlotte though who is an angel) and that she will end up with Jack and that’s a good thing. He is the real love of her life and has some balls. Also, he is not afraid of honesty.

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