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'Idol' Finalist Phillip Phillips: I Don't Care If People Like My Music

Tue, May 1, 2012 7:24pm EDT by 5 Comments
Phillip Phillips

This ‘American Idol’ hopeful tells he’s more interested in making music he enjoys, than making music that sells!

Don’t expect any of Phillip Phillip‘s singles to go straight to the top 40’s charts! The American Idol contestant told exclusively he’s not focused on making music that will dominate the radio. He says his number one priority as a musician is to make music that is genuinely his style, and not to conform to a style that is popular.

“I’m not trying to do something I’m not. I want to get people prepared for the kind of music I will do. It’s not probably going to be mainstream or anything,” Phillip told us May 1about his music style.

Phillip says just because songs are number one sellers on iTunes, doesn’t mean they’re great quality music. Despite being on a mainstream music competition, he wants to prove that he can make music that is more focused on skill and structure, rather than what is catchy and popular.

“The more people realize that number one hits aren’t the best songs. Whoever likes my music, they like it. If they don’t, there’s so much other music out there to like. I’m not expecting everyone to like my music,” Phillip said.

While we appreciate that Phillip doesn’t want to sell out as an artist, we hope his anti-mainstream mentality doesn’t prevent him from winning the competition. Tell us what YOU think! Do YOU admire Philip’s principles or think that he should conform to what people want to hear?

Nicole Fukuoka with reporting by Kirstin Benson

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