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'L.A. Complex' Star Ben Watson On Tariq's 'Forbidden Romance'

Tue, May 1, 2012 2:58pm EDT by Andy Swift 1 Comment

Ben tells that Tariq’s ‘all work and no play’ lifestyle is finally about to end — but there’s a dangerous catch.

Tariq’s (Ben Watson) career in the hop-hop industry is taking off, but because no one can have the best of both worlds on The L.A. Complex, his personal life is about to take a major hit on the May 1 episode. “At the end of the day, we’re all human beings and we all need love,” Ben tells “It may be a forbidden love, but we’re in 2012 now. Nothing’s really forbidden in love, anymore.”

So what “forbidden love” is Ben talking about? OK, here’s where the spoilers start…

Tonight’s episode features a surprise hook up — or not so surprising depending on how closely you watched The CW’s promos for the show — between Tariq and hip-hop star Kaldrick King (Andra Fuller), which Ben says opens the door to a whole lot of drama.

“It’s vital to show people [this kind of relationship],” Ben says. “No one wants to talk about … being gay in the hip-hop industry. It’s a big no-no if you’re black, and it’s a big no-no if you’re in hip-hop. It’s huge, but there are so many other issues out there that I think this should be such a tiny issue, yet everyone is hiding from it. I think it’s stupid that people are hiding.”

But it’s more than just your run-of-the-mill make-out sesh. In fact, things get pretty intense between Tariq and his down-low lover.

“I’ve never filmed a love scene in front of so many people before, but you just kind of forget everyone is there,” Ben tells me. “You connect with that person, and you just go for it. There’s no preparation. As an actor, you just find something you’re totally in love with about that person and you just do it.”

Be sure to watch tonight’s all-new L.A. Complex to see exactly what goes *ahem* down between Tariq and Kaldrick, then come back to for our take!

— Andy Swift

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