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This Four-Year-Old Girl Wears Makeup: Is She Too Young?

Mon, April 30, 2012 4:41pm EDT by 6 Comments
4 Year Old Makeup

Every little girl admires her mommy’s cosmetics, but one mom lets her daughter actually use adult makeup! What do you think about that?

Lindsay Cross, blogger of, recently wrote about her four-year-old daughter Brenna‘s obsession with adult cosmetics, which led to a discussion about how young is too young for girls to be interested in beauty.

The mother’s reasoning behind permitting her young child to apply make-up is that it is allows them to bond, but never expected the repercussions from readers, she told ABC News on April 30.

“When I wrote the piece I didn’t think it was that monumental of a deal,” Lindsay told ABC. “I didn’t think that it was something that was just too out of the norm … I did notice some articles that said ‘Suri Cruise wears very bright lipstick,’ and there were so many people who were critiquing their parenting choices, because this 5-year-old is wearing make-up. I was like – ‘of course she does, she’s 5 and her mom wears lipstick.'”

The mom reassured viewers that Brenna’s makeup applications are just for fun. When her daughter is out and about, she doesn’t even wear noticeable makeup — no red lipstick, eyeliner, mascara or foundation!

“I think that with makeup, for her, it’s a way for her to be like her mom. I don’t think that she puts two and two together, where you have to wear make-up so that you can present yourself to the world,” she said.

Her daughter said make-up makes her “pretty,” but Lindsay insisted that she will deal with the matter seriously when her daughter is older.

HollyMoms, what do you think of a 4-year-old wearing make-up? Is it too young?


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