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Pregnant Jessica Simpson May Have To Be Induced Soon, Says Expert

Mon, April 30, 2012 5:25pm EDT by Bonnie Fuller 5 Comments
Jessica Simpson pregnant

If Jessica is in fact nine days overdue, as some media outlets have reported, a top obstetrician/gynocologist says she will HAVE to have her baby within a couple of days!

Jessica Simpson has appeared to be pregnant for so long that even Katy Perry has tweeted, “I’m getting anxious.”

Well, we’re sure that no one wants to have that reported baby girl more than Jessica does.

But Jessica’s obstetrician will be monitoring her extremely closely at this advanced point in her pregnancy, explains top NYC obstetrician, Dr. Christina Senor.

“Once a pregnant woman goes over 41 weeks (as Jessica would be if she’s nine days late), she would have a sonogram twice a week to monitor her baby,” says Dr. Senor. “We would also be checking to see if a woman’s cervix is induceable. If it’s soft, shortened or possibly already dilated one to two centimeters.”

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The problem is that if a woman’s cervix isn’t “induceable,” the drug used to induce, Pitocin, is unlikely to work,” says Dr. Senor. “The condition of the cervix is crucial to making a decision.”

As long as Jessica’s baby is doing well in utero, then her obstetrician will allow her to make the decision about whether she wants to be induced. However, if sonograms show the baby’s condition is not optimal, her obstetrician will want to induce, says Dr. Senor.

“As we get to 41 weeks of pregnancy and beyond, it gets to be more and more dangerous to keep the baby inside the mom’s body because the placenta may no longer give the baby enough nourishment, particularly if the mother is over 35,” explains Dr. Senor.

The critical point for Jessica will be at 42 weeks if she hasn’t delivered yet. At that point obstetricians will usually try to induce, no matter what, and if the induction isn’t successful, they would do a C-section, says Dr. Senor.

Despite Katy Perry’s concern, Dr. Senor assures that it’s quite common for women – even celebrities like Jessica – to go past their due dates, even to 41 or 42 weeks of pregnancy!

In any case, Jessica – we’re all looking forward to the birth of your beautiful baby!

So HollyMoms – have any of you gone well past your baby’s due date before you delivered?

— Bonnie Fuller

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