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Taylor Swift Implants: More Than Half Our Readers Believe She Did It

Fri, April 27, 2012 6:23pm EDT by Chloe Melas 37 Comments spoke to experts who believe Taylor got breast implants and most of you guys agree with us — read on to find out which of YOUR comments we’ve featured!

Taylor Swift‘s boobs have caused an uproar! posed the question on April 27 and in just two days, we’ve had an overwhelming response from our readers. You have all been debating Taylor’s bust and we’d like to commend you for your boob-thusiasm and pick out our favorite comments.

First off, 54% of you believe that Taylor did get implants. Now let’s get to your colorful comments!


Yo Mom: “She’s OBVIOUSLY wearing a push up bra! And the pads may be a little thicker ;p”

Jenniey: “Taylor won’t do this … I love her natural beauty … I dont believe it.”


Charley: “Why is everybody saying “not the type to get them” ?? Is there something wrong with having them?? I have them and I feel much better and proportional. Having them does NOT label you as a bad person nor stamp you as whore. It’s her body, why does everyone care!?”

Sharon: “Whatever she wants to do to make herself feel more confident is her right. She looks great!”

Mike: “Yep boob job. I have watched Taylor for years and being a boob expert, yes those are new and bigger. Anyone that thinks it is the bra is blind. look close at the pic and you can see the line of the bra and the boob is above that line. Her boobs are actually visable to the naked eye. before you had to search for them … good job taylor bout time. you were/are a gorgeous woman now just that much more a gorgeous woman.”

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