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'Secret Circle' Recap: A Traitor Is Revealed & [Spoiler] Returns

Fri, April 27, 2012 12:01am EDT by 6 Comments

The search for the remaining crystals intensifies, as the Circle zeroes in on the traitor in their midst. You’ll never believe who it is! Seriously, I’m still scratching my head.

Following Jane’s death, Cassie (Britt Robertson) was trying to keep from falling apart on the April 26 episode of The Secret Circle. But in a moment of weakness, she couldn’t help kissing Adam (Thomas Dekker), who — judging by the look on his face — didn’t seem to mind all that much. That was my first clue that our young Mr. Conant remembers more about his feelings for Cassie than he was letting on.

Diana (Shelley Hennig), meanwhile, was coming to terms with the discovery of her true paternity. She was clearly finding it hard to be around Cassie at Jane’s wake, and insisted on not telling the rest of the Circle until they knew for sure whether or not she was John Blackwell’s daughter. Being Diana, she came right out and asked Charles (Gale Harold), who admitted he and Diana’s mother had been separated before she got pregnant. Charles assured Diana he was her father no matter what, and told her to stay away from John.

Faye (Phoebe Tonkin) and Jake (Chris Zylka) tried easing the “pain” of Jane’s loss with Dawn’s (Natasha Henstridge) prescription pills, but all they found in the bottle was Faye’s family’s crystal. No, wait, that’s a good thing! Ah, if only things were that simple in real life.

At the abandoned house, John and the others were looking for the remaining crystals, at which point Faye and Jake showed up with the crystal they had found. When Jake informed them it was dead, John told them it could be recharged with the power of the Circle. In the meantime, he sent Chance Harbor’s newest dynamic duo, Adam and Melissa (Jessica Parker Kennedy), to locate Adam’s family’s crystal.

Adam and Melissa headed to the Boathouse, where they bonded over a bottle of booze. Once again, Adam let on that he still loves Cassie. Could it be that he’s been hiding his true feelings all along? Either way, I don’t want them getting back together. I’m so over the whole “written in the stars” thing. Besides, if Jake and Faye didn’t make such a hot couple, I would totally be rooting for Jake and Cassie to get it on. Anyways, by a stroke of luck, Adam remembered the cloaking spell his grandfather used to cast when he was little and uncovered the hiding place of the final crystal.

Back at the abandoned house, Faye’s crystal was stolen using magic, presumably by the traitor helping the witch hunters. The Circle decided to go after it themselves, without John’s help. Aside from Cassie, no one — including Diana — really trusted him. Jake thought to reach out to Isaac, who he believed would have turned on Eben. When the Circle went to rendezvous with Isaac in the woods, Ian — another witch hunter — told them Isaac had been killed by Eben. He also informed them the traitor had run away and was hiding from Eben.

Elsewhere, John paid Dawn a visit and asked her to keep a close eye on Charles, who was planning on leaving town with Diana. For her cooperation, John promised Dawn her powers back. He also revealed his plan to get rid of the elders. It’s clear John is manipulating the Circle to get what he wants, but we’re still not sure what his endgame is.

Finally, the search for Faye’s crystal led the Circle to Hudson Fields, an abandoned amusement park, which might be the creepiest place on earth. (Like Faye, I have a fear of clowns.) There, they discovered the bodies of several witch hunters. Cassie and Diana spotted the traitor running away, so they gave chase. When they finally caught up with him, they were shocked to see it was… Nick! Yes, the same Nick (Louis Hunter) who got possessed by a demon and was drowned by Charles. Unfortunately, he managed to get away before they could get any answers.

What did you think of tonight’s episode, HollywoodLifers? What do you think John is up to? Do you think Nick is alive? Is he a ghost? Is he possessed? The possibilities are endless! Fill me in on your theories in the comments section.

— Josh Rosenblatt