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Nadya Suleman Hires Cleaning Crew Hours After Child Neglect Investigation

Thu, April 26, 2012 11:11am EDT by 18 Comments
Octomom Child Protective Services

Just four hours after photos of the Octomom’s disgusting house surfaced online, a cleaning crew showed up!

Nadya Suleman had no choice but to clean up her mess of a house in La Habra, Calif., when images of her filthy property surfaced on the internet. The 36-year-old mother should have never had to resort to a four person cleaning crew because her house was that atrocious. 

The photos and news of the investigation were reported by TMZ and the images posted are not a pretty site by any means.

Her property was laden with graffiti inside and out, mounds of dirty laundry on the floors, potty training toilets outside and in the children’s bedrooms. The images also show her kids running around the house barely dressed in t-shirts and underwear. They looked as if they haven’t been bathed in days due to their extremely unkempt appearance.

Truly a sad sight to see that her 14 children live in such horrendous conditions — and even more so that police and child services did a 90-minute investigation of the home and determined the children were not in danger. Her hairdresser, Stephanie, had tipped authorities off about the claims of child neglect.

Can you believe that? What would have happened if the claims were never reported? Would she continue to live an unruly lifestyle with her helpless children?

Nadya’s hairdresser also said she observed the Octomom locking children up in a bedroom using a chair to keep it closed while she got a $520 haircut!

The mother is obviously struggling with her large family of 14, so Children’s Services Department of California are monitoring her situation.

Let’s just hope the investigation changes the way she lives and raises her children.

HollyMoms, what do YOU think about the way Nadya lives?

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