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Is Miley Cyrus Admitting She's Cutting?

Thu, April 26, 2012 5:39pm EDT by 22 Comments
Miley Cyrus Cutting

Miley Cyrus is talking about scars on Twitter. Is she confessing the truth about the cut marks on her arm?

Miley Cyrus has us concerned with her recent behavior. Not only has she dropped an estimated 20 pounds in a short period of time, the former Disney darling has a series of scars on her arm, which experts tell us look like cut marks. Now, for the first time, Miley may be opening up about the self-mutilation.

“scars remind us of where we’ve been. not where we’re going,” the 19-year-old star tweeted April 26.

Of course, we can’t confirm what specifically Miley is expressing here, but it appears she’s admitting to cutting and wanting to move forward and heal.

Even though she has the world at her finger tips and a boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth, who she loves, experts have told it wouldn’t be unbelievable for Miley to be cutting herself.

“Why do girls do this? To take control over their lives when they feel their lives are out of control,” Dr. Gilda said. “Some women think that they deserve to bleed because they’re not in control of their lives.”

We sincerely hope Miley isn’t so stressed she’s self-mutilating, but her latest tweet seems to suggest otherwise. What do YOU think her tweet means? Sound off below!

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