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Lamar Odom: You'll Resent Khloe Kardashian If You Quit Basketball For A TV Career

Thu, April 26, 2012 6:44pm EDT by 21 Comments
Lamar Odom Career

Lamar, you’re feeling down in the dumps because you were dumped by the Mavericks and the Lakers. But that’s no reason to make the drastically bad decision of quitting basketball in hopes of a full-time TV career.

Lamar Odom — mark my words, you will truly be sorry if you give up now on the basketball career you love. You may think that because the Lakers traded you away this season and then you slumped at the Mavericks, that you have no future on an NBA court. You’re WRONG!

And if you give up concentrating on your basketball career and give in to Kris Jenner‘s pressure to shoot another season of Khloe & Lamar and to be featured even more in other Kardashian shows — instead of doing what you love, love, love — then you will deeply regret this bad decision and you’ll no doubt take it out on your wife, Khloe.

First of all, despite your disastrous and short season with the Dallas Mavericks, this doesn’t mean you won’t get a good shot at playing on another NBA team and having a major comeback. After all, it was just last year that you won the NBA Sixth Man of the Year Award for being a valuable player.

“I think Lamar will definitely get picked up by another NBA team for next season and other NBA players think so too,” CBS Sports Analyst and Host Lindsay McCormick tells exclusively. “You can have a one year slump and then be productive the next year. Lamar is one of the best players in the NBA and this season was just an off year for him, but he can come back.”

McCormick points out that the Mavericks have a big incentive to get another team to pick up the rest of Lamar’s contract of $8.2 million and that’s the $2.4 million that will still be left to pay out next season, if another team doesn’t take him.

But more than that, McCormick thinks Lamar would be nuts to quit basketball now. “He’s a great athlete. He should stick with the NBA and he should forget about reality TV and focus on what he has a real talent for and what’s paying the bills,” she says.

Of course, Lamar you may have TV stars in your eyes because the Kardashian clan has just landed a $40 million, 3-year reality TV deal with E!, but come on, that money already has to be divided among a huge clan of Kardashians. And do you really want to be dependent on your mother-in-law Kris Jenner for work?

An insider close to you, Lamar, told that you think that with Kris Jenner’s connections you can get a job as a TV sports analyst or get into acting, like Ice T. But Lamar, you need to step back into the world of reality and NOT the reality TV world. You’re a proven top NBA player. You’re not a proven actor! Why would you give up something that you’ve worked so hard for and excelled at for something else that’s just a fantasy?

And do you really think that doing Khloe & Lamar, without your own basketball career, will be fulfilling?

“Lamar may feel that it’s easier to give in now and do reality TV. I call it taking the low-hanging fruit option. But he’ll be resentful later when he realizes that he was still young and a great player and he had a lot more seasons in him,” points out relationship expert Diana Falzone.

“To become a professional athlete is a one in a million opportunity and to give that up and to not have it be your first career priority is just dumb,” Falzone says.

She also strongly believes that when you, Lamar, get over your current depression and realize that you gave up your NBA career under pressure from your mother-in-law, you’ll resent Khloe and that resentment could lead to a divorce. “He’s not thinking clearly now and he’s down but he shouldn’t be sucked into the Kardashian brand and forget about his own career,” she says.

Falzone believes, like I do, that Kris Jenner is first, and foremost, and will always be primarily supportive of only those with the last names, Kardashian and Jenner.

She is, after all, totally focused on the bottom line. “When she talks about family first, she means ‘nuclear family,'” Falzone explains. “Her daughters’ men are really just on the back burner.”

You hear that, Lamar? You are the accessory to Khloe that provides your wife with a valuable TV show. But that’s it!

Kris Jenner is never going to be your momager — no matter how often she tweets she is out shopping with her “son.”

Lamar, look out for your own basketball career. You CAN be a great player again with the right dedicated mindset! Don’t give up on your self and simply become a reality TV sidekick husband!

Bonnie Fuller


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